Fun for All Ages! Treasure Hunt Idea

Treasure Hunt map
Treasure Hunt map

Kids always look for something new, And the hardest task is to find ways to entertain your kids. Treasure Hunt games are a classic and great idea fun for kids of all ages. This game can be done on Sundays or your holiday.

Treasure hunt, games are simple, low-cost, and very popular game to entertain the family. The best part of this activity is that people from different age groups can participate.

Treasure Hunts are also not just limited to children or birthday parties, but are perfect for family fun night, With hours of challenging and fun entertainment, with the thrill of the hunt along with the solving of puzzles often being the most enjoyable and memorable of the incredible!

Treasure Hunt is a very exciting game which can be played either in the house, the back yard or at almost any location. This game is so great because it has more than one thrill element: the kids need to solve riddles and puzzles and to seek the hiding locations of the next clues,

Treasure Hunt games

This game has fun by using a variety of themes, new treasure hunt clues, and decorations, and a little creativity, In computing, follow a trail of clues (riddles and puzzles) each pointing to the hiding location of the next clue until finally arriving at discover the hidden treasure, which might be sacks of “loot” consisting of candy such as chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, or party favors, toys, and other items valuable to children.

Create Treasure Hunt Clues for Kids!

Of course, the hardest part of the treasure hunt is the preparation of the game. You need to think up riddles and puzzles, prepare them and to hide them before the game begins.

Step 1: Choose your hunt location

Options might include around your house, outside in the yard or neighborhood, at a backyard, or any other special location you might have in mind,

Treasure hunts can be simply adapted to a storyline and a variety of decorations to fit into any theme.

Step 2: Choose your hiding spots

Look around your location area for good locations to hide your clues. You may need larger hiding places if you plan on putting goodies at each stop, but any size spot will do if you are just planning on leaving a paper trail of clues.

Step 3: Choose Keywords associated with each of your hiding spots

Let’s take our first hiding spot from our outdoor sample game above, Mailbox. The key to making good clues is to think of words that you might associate with this hiding spot. These will be your “keywords” for making your clue.

Step 4: Putting your Clue together

The difficulty level of your clues should be adjusted to be age appropriate for your hunters. For younger children you clues should be pretty evident, and conversely a little trickier for older children and teens

Step 5: Set up your hunt

Once you have all of your treasure hunt clues prepared. Remember that you will have to hand the first clue to the children at the start of the hunt. So, if the first clue leads to the mailbox, the clue in the mailbox must lead somewhere else.

Step 6: Set up make a map

This map will be a guide to finding you locate the treasure. After making the map, you need to determine what the treasure is. Also, You can even customize them to fit with All you write riddles to find things associated with your chosen theme.

There are several great activities, which can keep kids fun and laughing for a long time. Of course, you have to fit the activity into the kids’ age group. Especially when younger kids (three to eight years old) are involved.

A scavenger hunt is a bit easier to make for fun. There are several websites which help you write Treasure hunt and scavenger hunt riddles and puzzles. Our favorite is Treasure hunt clues which create various types of Treasure hunt and hunt puzzles.


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