Fun Winter Creative Craft Ideas For Children

Are you a fan of crafts or do you have children in the home that would love some unique entertainment on those cold winter days? There are some great fun winter craft ideas out there to help keep you occupied during the winter days and will also give you something great and original to decorate your home with. Most of these crafts and ideas are simple and can be done by just about anyone, even younger children.

Photo By: Tony Alter


[dropcap type=”e.g. circle or none” color=”#ffffff” background=”#e53b2c”] Y [/dropcap]ou can even pose the idea of interesting winter art projects and fun winter creative craft  to your students or children – you may be surprised at what creative ideas a child can think of.


Here are some fun ideas for some great crafts, organized by the supplies that you may want to use

Create a Winter Wonderland Picture

You can draw, paint, use stencils or pastels or cut outs from construction paper all as ideas for creating your own winter wonderland picture. You can even use cotton balls as “snow” and glitter for that added sparkle. Let your imaginations run wild as you create a winter wonderland picture straight from your own mind (or your child’s).

When your finished with your winter wonderland pictures, you can hang them up in the house on display for all your winter guests to see and admire. You may even want to frame a very special winter wonderland so it can be displayed for many years to come.

Make a Snowman

If you don’t have any snow outside to make a real snowman, there are many other options for you. You can make a craft snowman. This is an easy to do project that’s a lot of fun Cotton is a very useful tool when it comes to winter creative Craft for adults and children alike. You can use construction paper, cotton balls and other craft items found in most homes (or easily found in a local craft store) to create your own Frosty the Snowman. You can even create an entire snowman family if you want.

Cotton balls and gauze

Cotton is a very useful tool when it comes to winter creative craft  art projects.  If cotton balls were just a bit colder, they would seem exactly like mini snowballs!  A child can draw a wonderful winter scene and then take cotton balls and rip them and fluff them and glue them down in places where snow should be.  Or, maybe a child may want to draw two people having a snowball fight – the cotton balls are already in great snowball shapes as is.

String Your Tree with Popcorn

This is an old fashioned favorite that you can still enjoy today. Pop up a bowl or two of popcorn and then enjoys threading it onto a string and hanging it up as decoration on your tree, on the mantle or somewhere else in your home. You can also use the popcorn string to decorate outside, but be aware that birds or other animals might eat it.

Some other fun winter creative craft  might include making your own ornaments, decorating plain ornaments, creating your own holiday cards or creating a holiday poem. There are so many other ideas you can come up with to spend time with your family and showcase some hand made arts and crafts this year. Let your imagination guide you in creating your own fun winter crafts.



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