Gallery Wall Simple Decorating Ideas

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The house does not complete until the walls are designed element with gallery frame containing portraits, family pictures, your favorite prints and art pieces.

Gallery wall is a simple way to decorate your walls and to add a unique character to your house decorating ideas. Creating a private gallery wall is the perfect way to make an elevate the style of any space.

You can use a large variety of gallery wall frames: black-and-white and color or you can be eclectic and use a variety of sizes and shapes and combine high and low, mix paintings and photography, to create a beautiful picture gallery wall

Gallery wall, it’s really important to choose a frame that will help make your picture stand out. To select a frame that will complement and accentuate your picture rather than compete with it.

Choosing the right gallery frame is more than merely selecting a frame you like.

Different Types of Gallery Frames

Gallery picture frames are generally available in two materials, metal and wood, and can be used either with or without picture frame mats.

The metal frames are typically made out of aluminum and are usually a brushed silver finish or a painted black. Wood gallery frames, on the other hand, are more popular as they come in a variety of stained woods such as white, black, brown, walnut, teak and natural wood.


All the frames you plan to hang (This frame set, is great.)

Kraft or tissue paper,

Painter’s tape,



Looking for more inspiring ideas for your gallery wall

If you have a family photo and the wall space for all your pictures, you should try putting up a gallery wall in your home. (A new online framing service that makes custom framing easy and affordable),

Find your frames

Now for the fun part! Recommends framing each piece individually in a way that best complements the art. Dara says that using different frames for each print usually makes for a much more interesting gallery wall,

But if you’d like you can definitely choose the same frame for each piece, which usually results in a very clean and classic look. For our wall,

Gallery wall templates

Next, to be sure that your composition looks good on the wall and that the height of it feels right, mock it up on the wall with paper. Using some old newspaper orbits from your recycling bin, trim to size, and tape to the wall in your desired order. (Template as this will help alleviate error and balance the arrangement later on.)

Play with a few layouts until you identify the best one for your gallery wall – start with the biggest pieces first and then work around them if you are mixing sizes

Make hanging marks

Flip each piece of art face-down and look at how it will hang. If it’s on a string or wire, stretch it vertically as he is, it will go, and make a small mark on the template where the string stops stretching, centered horizontally in the frame. This is where the nail or picture hook will go.

Hang it up

The most successful gallery walls are ones that combine a variety of art mediums and frame styles. And pay attention to balancing things like color, size and finish within the arrangement. By selecting one style and color of a frame in different sizes, they’ll look like a gallery well-planned picture display and won’t leave your wall looking cluttered.

Try using gallery frames for your favorite pictures. Once you do, you’ll discover that using gallery frames is a fun and artistic way to, The most important thing is to your wall to represent you—your tastes, your history, and the art you love most.



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