Getting to Know Zumba

Getting to Know Zumba: Zumba is fast becoming one of the most popular fitness movements in recent times. You may have also asked yourself “What is Zumba?” a time or two. Many gyms now offer Zumba classes. Instructors have also begun to give classes to groups in recreational facilities and community centers or churches as well. People have also begun to practice Zumba in their own homes through Zumba DVDs. While this exercise sensation has hit like a storm, its origin is quite an interesting story in itself. If you’ve wondered what is Zumba then read on and learn the history and concept of this fitness revolution.



What Is Zumba?

Zumba basically is a dance fitness routine. Unlike other dance exercise classes however, Zumba is a fusion of mainly Latin American beats couple with funky reggae or Caribbean sounds and hip hop. Its focus is not in the dance itself but in the effect that the music has to move the participants. It is therefore both an expression through dance movements as well as an exercise routine. With its upbeat dance tempos, the participants find themselves more in a party atmosphere where they are moved to dance to the music. It is in this way that it encourages more people to participate because of its free form.

How It All Began

Zumba was created by Alberto Perez in the 1990’s in his home country of Colombia. Beto, as he is usually called, was then a fitness instructor and choreographer. Going to one of his classes, he found that he had left the music he was supposed to use for his aerobics class. Thinking quickly, he used the tapes he had with him which were made up of salsa and merengue music. He improvised his class by using these tapes and used a dance type of class instead of the usual aerobics routine. Encouraging the class to move to the music, he found that his students really enjoyed it.

He developed the Zumba program from this and in early 2000 he brought his concept over to the United States and started the Zumba franchise. The Zumba program started with direct to DVD launches as well as a series of infomercials. As more people started to know what is Zumba all about, the demand for Zumba classes also began to grow. Zumba then started to accredit instructors and gyms started to pick up the programs for their classes. Soon, more people began to ask what is Zumba and started to grow not just curious but enticed by the concept.

Today, Zumba has become a lifestyle for many people all over the world. By encouraging more people to be moved to the music, Zumba has attracted followers that grow in numbers even today.

How You Can Join In The Fun

Get to know more about Zumba by visiting a local gym or trying out the DVDs they sell. It may very well be the change you have been looking for in your fitness routine.


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