Getting Started With basic Kitchen Plans Idea

Thinking of kitchen remodeling or new kitchen plans project. Functionality trumps all other choices you will make regarding your kitchen’s layout. Pay special attention to how work areas in the kitchen relate to each, Aisle space, traffic flow, and counter space is another.



So, you can be access to water and allow you to keep foods refrigerated as well as heat foods up. It’s also a good idea to have easy access to portable cooking appliances such as a microwave, electric wok, and electric frying pan. And provide convenient storage, in this configuration, the kitchen plans

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Kitchen plans remodeling can be a rewarding and satisfying experience by planning right and avoiding the pitfalls.

Here are some basic idea kitchen plans

Area kitchen plan U-SHAPE


The efficient u-shape plan is versatile and usually puts one’s workstation on each of three walls.  The pros of this are great storage and counter space on three sides that maximize efficiency, but this is not the best plans for entertaining or for accommodating multiple cooks.

Major traffic jams in the kitchen!  Another thing to consider is you have to have the basic 8×8 foot space and anything less won’t provide the minimum 4-foot workspace that is recommended  for the center of the room.

** In a large kitchen for maximum efficiency, locate one workstation in a freestanding island.

Area kitchen plan L-SHAPE

Area kitchen plan L-SHAPE

The L-shape plan allows two workstations on one wall and the third on an adjacent wall. This layout is much more efficient concerning space than the U-shape plan, especially if the main workstations are located close to the bend of the L. The L-shaped plan is not well suited for small kitchen spaces and you need to allow enough open counter space between the two workstations that share the same wall.  This is, at least, four feet.

Other, things to consider is the arrangement of the workstations which are critical.  The work needs to flow from the refrigerator to the sink and then to the stove cooktop and serving area.

Area kitchen plan G-SHAPE


The G-shaped kitchen is a version of the U-shaped kitchen layout, with the same amount of counter space and storage options that surround the cook on three sides.  However, the difference with the G-shaped kitchen floor plan is the peninsula or partial fourth wall of additional cabinets.

It’s best suited to those who want to pack every square inch of kitchen possible into their space.

Area kitchen plan ISLAND


The island plan is a popular design because it features a freestanding workstation usually including the sink or stovetop.  This is a wonderful plan for large kitchens where the work triangle exceeds the twenty-six-foot rule that dictates that for maximum efficiency.  Island plans are not well suited  for kitchens where two workstations must be on opposite walls.  The island is a convenient location for specialty countertops such as butcher block for chopping veggies or marble for rolling out those delectable desserts.

Like islands, the peninsula plan gives the cook a workstation and a view into another room rather than just toward a wall.  After meal preparation, a peninsula can double as a serving buffet or bar.

Area kitchen plans ONE WALL


The one wall plan is normally seen in smaller homes, vacation homes and apartments.  This floor plan is definitely the most space-saving but is less efficient for the cook.  Normally there is a door at each end which translates into lots of through traffic.  This can create quite a few problems as well as frustration for the cook.

One wall kitchens work better when the sink is in the center beside the refrigerator and the stovetop.  If you have space, allow four feet of counter space on each side of the sink.

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A great idea deal plan, in considering the function to make your kitchen remodeling work easier, Whether is just looking to change the kitchen appearance of your home or increase the value of it.


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