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Gift Wrap
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You’ve bought the gift and the card—now it’s time to add your own creative touches with gift wrap collections from your creative ideas. Whether you’re looking for birthday gift bags, Christmas gift wrap, or gift-wrapping ideas, we are here to help.

Wrapping and presenting gifts can be or elegant and sophisticated styles, From wrapping paper rolls to gift bags and tissue paper or natural kraft, to have a range of options, to help your gift, making present extra memorable with unique

Gift Wrap, A lot of wrapping materials are non-recyclable and loaded with artificial dyes and plastics that make them non-biodegradable too. We tend to use a lot of raw materials when wrapping, too, adding all sorts of stickers, labels, and ribbons which will end up in the bin on Christmas day or the birthday.

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But we don’t need to wrap gifts in a way that isn’t eco-friendly. There are plenty of adorable, simple, and affordable ways of presenting an attractive gift without using wrapping paper, tape, and plastic bags.

Which gift wrapping will you choose?

1. Bare naked presents

This might be a wise option if you are completely against the wastefulness of modern gift giving and do not want to perpetuate it one bit. There is no real reason why we wrap gifts up, other than perhaps the convenience that the receiver might look in your bag and see the gift before it is time. But all you need to do is keep is somewhere private or secret before presenting it, not wrap it up at all.


2. Biodegradable paper

A cool option for people who like the traditional present wrapping methods, but are not keen on the materials found in store-bought wrapping paper, you can always buy biodegradable, eco-friendly wrapping paper online. You could opt for a more elaborate option, or you could buy a plain one and choose to decorate it yourself. Either way, it’s just like a conventional present, but eco-friendlier.


3. Fabric wrapping

If you are not keen on the idea of shopping online for your eco-friendly paper, and/or you want to wrap your gift in a new and interesting way, you can always opt for fabric wrapping. This is where you cut a length of fabric and carefully use it to wrap up your present, resulting in a beautiful, uniquely wrapped gift. You can even use this to support your local community by buying fabric from a local store, thrift shop, or small business owner. That way you are saving a lot of fuel and man-hours, and reducing your impact on marginalized communities abroad.


4. Getting rid of tape

The tape is a difficult one for many environmentally aware people. It is clearly plastic, and the glue is made out of god only knows what, but it is so useful. And alternatives to it, such as blue tack, or staples, are not always clear about their resource use, carbon footprint, or toxic impact on the planet. So what are we to do? Well, before the invention of tape people usually did one thing when wrapping something: they tied it. Choose some natural twine, or some natural material ribbon, and use it to tie your parcel firmly together after wrapping it.


5. Bags and boxes

If wrapping seems like a pointlessly annoying hassle and you never quite get it to look right anyway, then perhaps a bag or a box is more your gift-giving style. With a bag or a box, there is no paper, folding, tape, or neatness to worry about. Of course, you will want to make sure that your bag or box is eco-friendly, but there are many options for this nowadays. You can get fully biodegradable gift bags and boxes, use a fabric tote bag or a reusable box, or even go traditional and use a fabric stocking.


6. Card alternatives

Giving a gift usually involves giving a card, or at least sticking a label on the gift to let the person know it’s theirs. Like with all paper products, you can always get a biodegradable, eco-friendly one made from reused paper. Or you could get creative and make your own reusable name tag with a message on it.


7. Reusing your wrapping

Finally, remember that there are always reusable options for everything. If you give your partner their gift in a cloth stocking, then you can use it again next year. If you use ribbon to wrap presents, you can bet anything it will be reused somehow. And when it comes to the wrapping your own gifts arrived in, make sure to recycle, use it for scrapbooking, or save it for receiving, to prevent wastefulness.

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