Guide to Setting up your Freshwater Aquarium

Before you ever bring fish home, There are so many different things to learn and know about aquariums before you buy them, so consider first, reading a freshwater aquarium guide. Such things as which fish tank to buy, and decorations to use, and how to introduce.

Setting up your Freshwater Aquarium

It is important to know and understand that caring for fish is just like caring for any other pet. But it is essential that you take your time in preparing the tank in which your fish. Creating an area that allows your freshwater fish to be comfortable and healthy is the main priority as a new fish owner.

How to set up a freshwater aquarium in your home

Fish tank size

Tank size is an important determinant when purchasing an aquarium. Since you are a beginner, it is ideal to choose a fish tank that is equivalent to twenty gallons or less. Larger fish tank requires a large amount of maintenance and can be challenging to the beginner. However, Choosing fish that grows to a maximum of three inches a piece will fit in aquariums that are up to twenty gallons.

Positioning your aquarium

It is important that you find the right spot to showcase your fish. Many are tempted to place a new freshwater aquarium near windows and other sources of light and heat. It is important to avoid making this mistake. For to avoid the possibility that external light sources and external heat sources may affect the internal temperature of your aquarium. And be sure there is an outlet nearby for running your filters and lights easily.

You should also purchase gravel and decorations that will help create an environment in which your fish can be comfortable in.

Set up your filtering system

When purchasing your aquarium there are any other purchases that should be made. You will need a filtering system that will help to keep the water clean and free of debris,

If you use an under-gravel filtering system, be sure to cover it with about an inch of gravel to aid in filtration. A filter on the side of the tank needs at least two cartridges so that you don’t disrupt the aquatic cycle when replacing one. You will also want to invest in water testing kits that allow you to monitor the water within the freshwater aquarium on a regular basis.


Fish like to swim through things. Some like to find places to hide in caves or dense plant life. Using artificial plants means more cleaning for you, so invest in live plants and rocks (coral). Follow all instructions so that plants take root well. You can choose rocks with openings for makeshift caves.

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Now that you have all of the items that you require to setup your freshwater aquarium, it is time to tank the aquarium and wash it out thoroughly with water. Once the gravel and the decorations for your freshwater fish aquarium have been cleaned, you may begin placing them in your tank.

Now, it is time to add the water to the tank. It is important to add water that is room temperature – not too hot and not too cold. In order to avoid messing up the placement of the items that have been put into the tank, you can place a plate on the bottom and pour the water in that area.

It is important to understand that water from the home often has traces of chlorine in it. For this reason, you should purchase a special fish tank remedy that works to remove chlorine from the water. Once the tank is full, place the chlorine remover in and continue to the next step.

Allow your freshwater aquarium to operate for at least twenty-four hours prior to adding fish. And You should avoid feeding the fish for approximately twenty-four hours. During this time, they will be making the adjustment to the new tank.

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To ensure that your fish stay healthy and you enjoy keeping them as a pet. You should never neglect the maintenance of your aquarium as it helps to keep your fish healthy and in good condition.


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