Happy Mother’s Day! Why We Have A Day To Honor Our Mothers

When spring comes around it’s time for people all over the world to wish their mothers a happy Mother’s Day! This is a tradition that’s been going on for centuries. Ever thought about why mothers have been honored in this way for so many years? Here’s a brief guide to the history of Mother’s Day customs and traditions.


happy mothers day
happy mothers day

How Did Mother’s Day Begin?

The first people to wish each other a happy Mother’s Day were most likely the ancient Greeks. Around spring time (coinciding with the fact that most cultures now celebrate the day in March, April or May) they would celebrate the Mother of the Gods: Cybele, also known as Rhea. This celebration was traditionally held around the Vernal Equinox when the sun passed over the equator to signal the start of spring.

The ancient Romans also had their own celebrations similar to Mother’s Day. The Matronalia festival was dedicated to Juno, the goddess of childbirth, and mothers were given gifts by their children and husbands at this time.

Mothering Sunday soon came to be a known fixture on the Christian calendar in the UK, where followers would honor the Virgin Mary and the Church on a specific Sunday of the year. A day of leave was granted to servants to visit their “mother Church” on this day, which meant that they were able to spend time with their families, and the tradition of giving gifts grew.

The Mother’s Day tradition didn’t spread to the United States, and it wasn’t until after the civil war that the day was even considered. Julia Ward Howe was horrified by the destruction of the war and called for the celebration of Mother’s Day – a day dedicated to peace – to help emphasize the role that women have to play in shaping their families.

Modern Mother’s Day Traditions

Mother’s Day isn’t just celebrated in the UK and the United States: it’s a popular celebration all around the world. Although Mother’s Day has historic links to religion, many people now consider Mother’s Day a secular celebration of their own mothers and family.




Some of the main traditions include:

  •  Wishing your mother a happy Mother’s Day by sending a card,
  •  Visiting your mother if you haven’t seen her for a while,
  •  Calling your mother on the telephone (this is one of the most popular days for making long-distance calls in the US!),
  •  Giving a variety of gifts to your mother,
  •  Sending flowers.

Gifts For Women On Mother’s Day: Something To Suit Every Personality

Gifts for women on Mother’s Day are available from so many places, but how do you know what to buy your mom? Although you know her well, sometimes it helps to be pointed in the right direction when it comes to buying something that’ll suit her personality.

For The Bookworm

If your mom is a bookworm then consider buying her an eBook reader for Mother’s Day. Although she may be against the idea at first – a lot of avid readers are – the chances are that she won’t be able to put it down once she sees how great the screen looks and how easy it is to carry around and buy new books! Failing that, you could buy her a new physical book along with a personalized bookmark.

For Those Who Love Gardening

There are always plenty of ideas available for gifts for women who love gardening. You could get her some decorative gardening tools, a gardening cushion to take outside, new plants, garden ornaments or just about anything else related to her hobby!

For Fashionable Moms

If your mom loves clothes and fashion then stick to that theme for Mother’s Day. A new luxury scarf is always a good gift choice, or you could take her shopping and let her choose something she really likes! You may also want to pick out some jewelry yourself – the fact that you took a time to choose it will mean a lot to her.

For Active Women

If your mom is into her health and fitness then there are plenty of ideas for you. You could buy her a new luxury yoga mat, or accessories (such as resistance bands or a fitness ball) to go with it. Alternatively, you could buy her a new MP3 player with headphones so she can listen to music while she’s working out.

For New And Expecting Moms

Gifts for women who are expecting, or are new moms, are just as important as gifts for your own mom! Pampering gifts are great for women who are probably tired out and busy, but if you’re looking for ideas for physical gifts then you could get her a photo album to fill with baby photos and other keepsakes.

For Moms Who Love To Cook

If your mom loves to cook then you can buy her that kitchen gadget she’s been eying up for so long. You can also buy her new pans or other kitchen equipment if you’ve noticed that some of her items could do with a replacement! Or simply a new cookbook that you think she’d like.

Many families have come up with their own unique traditions and ways of saying happy Mother’s Day. In short, it’s about celebrating your family, as well as your own “Mother Church” if you have one.

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