Having a Happy Parrot Home

It’s important to keep your parrot pet happy. A happy parrot makes for a happy home. If you have an angry parrot, then everyone’s just going to be miserable. So here’s how to keep your parrot happy in your home.


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Five Ways To A Happy Parrot

Flight space

Your parrot needs to be able to stretch his wings. Remember, this is an exotic bird that use to roam free. Even if you have a domesticated parrot he needs to spread his wings. A large cage is nice, but even better is an area indoors that you can regularly let him out to soar. He can feel free and that will make him happy. Give him his own perch or even play trees or stands to make your parrot feel more like he’s in his natural environment. A good four hours of flight time a day will be great for your parrot.

The proper diet

This is very important to a happy parrot. Proper seeds, pellets, and fruits and vegetables for your parrot will not only keep him healthy, but happy as well. Don’t you feel happy when you have a well fed belly? And to go along with this you’ll want to make sure your parrot has a nice bowl of fresh clean water. Change it out daily and make sure the dish is clean.

Cage placement

You want to make sure the cage is in an area with plenty of natural sunlight. But watch for drafts, especially if you live in cold climates. Parrots are tropical birds so they need to be kept warm. Make sure it’s place in a room that is full of activity. A family room or the kitchen where the family congregates the most is great because your parrot is a social bird who loves interaction. But he’ll need his rest as well, so make sure he’s in an area where he can get ten-twelve hours of sleep.


Parrots need the stimulation of toys. Have plenty of them and rotate them out so he doesn’t ever get board. Be careful what he plays with though. Make sure they are safe for parrots and inspect them to make sure they are not broken when you give them to him.


You don’t have to pick up your bird, but talking to your parrot will make him happy. Some of them might even begin to talk back. Making parrots a fun companion all around.

Some other ways to make things run smoothly is to establish yourself as the flock leader. Your parrot needs to know to respect you and you can achieve this by working on teaching him tricks and interacting. Know your parrot and know what his screams mean. This is how parrots communicate so you will need to know if he’s screaming out of unhappiness, fright, or joy. This will help you to keep your parrot happy.

There’s nothing worse than an unhappy parrot pet. It leads to aggression or self mutilation and lots of screeching. Worst case scenario an unhappy parrot can cause death. So do what you can to establish order and happiness within your family with your parrot and you should live a very long and happy life together.


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