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H istorically, the main purpose of the home was just to provide people with basics such as walls to keep out animals and a roof to keep out the rain. But as health knowledge increased, it became necessary to add openings to let in air and to let out smoke or fumes. The idea of creating such openings could have been borne out of the need to have a healthy home because to have a healthy home; there must be ventilation

The idea of healthy home or healthy living is of utmost importance in our day to day living as humans. A healthy home seems to have a significant impact on our diets, our work, and of course, in our homes. Therefore, a healthy home supports the general well-being of the people living there in many different ways.

Maybe you have been wondering how to make your home health or how to make a safety living,


Here are some simple solutions to have a healthy home

Invest in Slip Prevention

Slips and falls may not only be peculiar to the elderly but recovering from a slip is often more difficult for the elderly than it is for younger ones. So this becomes one the safety measures to be taken to have a healthy home.

Most people who slip and fall may be pretty lucky as they may end up with a bruise or maybe a small laceration, but for fragile or older individuals, slipping and breaking a hip in the bathroom can cause their world to close in on them. Here are some slip-preventing tips; always eliminate fall-provoking clutter around the house, still wear proper footwear and clothing to help prevent tripping and modify surfaces that are likely to cause slips such as scatter rugs or wet bathroom floors.

Reduce Allergens

One the ways to reduce allergens in the home is to have fewer carpets and rugs. Buying leather furniture or covering furniture you already have with an allergen-control cover will reduce allergens in the home. Also, cleaning the home at least once a week may be enough to keep the home healthy. What most persons don’t know is that you do not need expensive products to have a healthy home; regularly cleaning of the home will do the trick.

Food Preservation

There is a saying that health is wealth, and it is only a good food that guarantees a healthy home. While one of the easiest ways to detect spoiled food may be to check the expiration date or see mold, not all rotten foods are that easy to spot. Therefore, the food we eat at home must be properly checked to make sure it is not expired of infested. By preserving your food at home, you do not only retard the spoiling process, but you also maintain the texture, and flavor and safeguard the food against bacteria and other harmful organs.

Make Sure Smoke Detectors Work

Experts believe that 50% of the fire deaths that occur each year take place in 5% of homes without smoke detectors. It is also believed that excess smoke exposure can lead to long-term health problems. The Fire Administration Departments always recommends that installing smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement and in between sleeping areas is necessary. The detector notifies you of any fire incident so that action can be taken. 

First Aid KitHave a First Aid Kit Handy

This is one of the safety precautions measures suggested by The Red Cross Society all over the world. This is necessary to be prepared for most types of emergencies that may likely occur. It is recommended to have a First Aid kit in your home and your car. Irrespective of the complexities of what the First Aid kit contains, accessibility to it is most important, and it should be kept someplace where every family member knows of and can reach it.

Apart from the above list, there are also a plethora of ways you can create and maintain a healthy home. A healthy home can be managed by cooking and be eating more often at home, keeping the bugs away, having proper ventilation, less thinking, anger management, etc. A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy home, and having a healthy home is so important is so essential to your physical life as well as an overall sense of well-being. A healthy and safe home supports your basic needs and protects you from illness and injury

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