Hobbies For Kids To Try

Do your kids have a hobbies beyond sitting in front of the TV? If they don’t think they should. All parents should see to it that their kids have a hobby. There are many reasons why parents should encourage and help to facilitate hobbies for kids.

Hobbies for Kids to Try
Photo By: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

[dropcap type=”e.g. circle or none” color=”#ffffff” background=”#e53b2c”] T [/dropcap]here are a lot of activities that get your kids to use different skills and abilities, while they are having a good time.


Stamp Collecting

You know what it is like when the kids have time off from school and the weather is playing up. They always sit about moping and saying they are bored, even though they have endless video games and toys at their disposal. What they need is a past-time that has been around for generations, is cheap and easy to get started in and won’t make much mess for the parents to tidy up. Stamp collecting for kids may not sound like the answer to parent’s dreams, but with so many possibilities on offer, this is one hobby that is sure to be a hit.

Stamp collecting is a great hobbies for the kids as it is not an expensive hobby to start with. Every collection starts with one or two stamps and from there, the child can develop their collection how they see fit. There is a perceived wisdom that the hobby is a bit dull and lifeless, but the range of stamps available means that stamp collecting for kids can grab attention right away. There are countless stamps featuring their favorite comic book heroes, singers, TV shows and sporting stars which means that stamp collecting for kids can follow on from their existing likes. Stamps are being issued all the time and some of them feature kid’s favorite. The means that they can have a collection without knowing that they are already collecting stamps.

Coin Collections

Coin collecting is not just for adults.  Kids can begin coin collections, and enjoy this type of hobbies as a lifelong pastime.  While kids might begin by finding coins that are of interest to them for some reason, often times these coins will gain value over a number of years and turn out to be a very worthy investment.  If children learn some basics about coin collecting, including how to handle and store the coins properly, then the coins can become a valuable collection.

If parents notice that their children are showing an interest, they should encourage this interest.  Parents can help children find coins that are interesting simply by starting with checking their pockets and purses and spare coin jars.  Kids should make it a habit of carefully checking any coins that they should receive from their family members, like grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Keep coins that may be from other countries, older mints or have anything unique about them.  Many grandparents have a stash of old coins that they would love to share with interested kids.

For kids, whenever they get an allowance, they should be encouraged to save some of it for investing in their coin collection.  Once children accumulate a small savings, they can ask their parents to take them to the bank to buy some new coins to add to their collection.  There are many online resources that parents can help their children use for research to find cool coins, too.


Kids must be the most creative creatures on earth. You just don’t remember just how widely active your imagination was as a little boy or a little girl? Kids will enjoy this kind of project where they can say that they did it all by themselves.