Holiday Have Fun Ideas A Simple CRAFTS For KIDS

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The long weekend can be a fun time for kids and parents alike although it can be stressful for parents when having the children’s at home in the long holiday full-time during this period.

Crafts for kids, one thing that you can offer them to keep them busy and allow them to help with the holiday decorating ideas and crafts projects and entertained are for them to do and inexpensive — a way the children can create the timeless treasure that you can then gift them with when they are adults.

Crafts for kids, whatever you choose to do with a child in the ways of craft ideas, There is only one rule. To have fun! Your need to have fun if you are going to want to do it again. With everything, you need to remember to have fun with your child.


6 Ideas Crafts For Kids in Holiday Have Fun

Paper Bag Reindeer

The crafts for kids, all you need is some construction, paper, safety scissors, glue, paper bags, bells and fuzzy dots that you can get at your supply store.

First, a child, use as a draw pattern for the antlers. These can be cut out and put to the side. Then cut out a collar for the balls and the eyes, two white circles with two smaller black circles.

Take the paper bag and place it so the flap is facing up. Glue the hands to the back for anthers and then glue the eyes on the flap. Add a fuzzy nose, black for all the reindeer and red Rudolph, on the flap as well. Glue the collar on with the bells and you have homemade reindeer papers can be used – create holiday play for the entire family.


angel-ornaments-crafts-for kids

Coffee Filter Angel Ornaments

Ever Christmas tree can use a few more ornaments on it and this is something that is easy for a child of all ages to do.

For this crafts project, you need basket coffee filter, white pipe cleaners, cotton balls, silver or gold ribbon, glitter, safety scissors and glue.

Put two cotton balls inside one coffee filter and then add another coffee filter underneath the cotton balls and use a pipe cleaner to create the head of the angel. Tie a piece of ribbon around this for decoration. take a third coffee filter and fold it in half and glue to the back to make wings. Use the pipe cleaner to make a halo and then add glitter where it is wanted to create unique angles – there can be hung from the tree with an additional pipe cleaner.


Puppets Show

A traditional craft, there are many puppets that you can make when you have the idea. these can be bag puppets, sock puppets, or hand and finger puppets.

There is always an idea that you can create if you know to finger puppets. There is always an idea that you can create if you know how to do it. By searching the web, you can find a lot of ideas that will keep that little one of yours busy for awhile. There is nothing that your imagination cannot do when you have a puppet.

The puppet show in the holiday is defiantly in order once you and your child have finished making all the characters for the show.


coloring-booksColoring Books

Making coloring book, for that little one together will allow for a picture that child will enjoy — with this simple way to keep your child entertained for many hours.

It is simple to make and you find a lot of free color pages by searching the internet and getting the pictures that your child likes.

There are many different pictures that you can put together in one bundle. Once the pictures are printed out, take some staples and get it together. These are perfect when you want to go vacation and perfect for a long weekend.


Paper Masks

This is also a simple thing that you and your child can do together. It requires a paper plate, scissors, and crayons, or markers.

First off, your need to draw a face on the back of the paper plate. With the face drawn make holes with the scissors where the eyes are. On either side of the plate, poke holes for a piece of string or elastic.

After that, your child and you have masks to do all your mischievous deeds. This will add to the togetherness that is needed between parent and children.

Designer Paper Plates

Drawing or cutting out the shape of an apple is one way to get the design on paper plates. With the paper mask, you can also make personalized paper plates.

For those who have themed birthday parties, making designer paper plates will add to the fun of the party. This can be done by you child with your supervision.

When you have the design you want, it is easy to begin. All you need really to do is have some scissors and marker. Darth Vader Helmets for Star Wars or Hello Kitty plates for girls. You can find a pattern to trace to be able to get the shape you need to cut.

Crafts for kids, these unique ideas are great for children of all age who need a project to keep them busy. Have the older children help the.

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