Home Interior Podcasts We Love!

Infographic Taking pride in your home is a wonderful thing, after all, our homes are our sanctuary. Having an interest in home decór means that your home will look its best. Trends happen in fashion and they happen in home interiors too but we’d all be low on cash if we followed every trend! Having an “eye” for stylish interiors is something that can be achieved even if you don’t think you currently have it.

Knowledge is everything so you can build your expertise by searching online and in magazines and seeing what is currently fashionable in interiors. You can learn what you like and also what suits your home because not everything will suit your own home. Try to look at your home with fresh eyes and see what can be improved or what you can accentuate or make more use of.

So for example, you might have a corner in your home that could be utilised as a reading nook and you’d also be using some redundant space in your home! Another good way to build your knowledge and expertise is by listening to an interiors podcast. These can be highly insightful and enjoyable. Podcasts are easy to digest and you can listen to them at your ease, either in segments or all together. You can choose to subscribe to a series if you enjoy it, that way you’ll be notified of any new episodes.

The guys at EZ Living Interiors have put together this infographic that outlines a number of podcasts on the topic of home interiors. Check out the full list below and get listening!




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