Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Her Day Special

Mother’s Day is annually held on the second Sunday of May. Many people give gifts, cards, flowers, candy, a meal in a restaurant or other treats to their mother


Homemade Mother's Day


Whether you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for a lady who has everything, or you need to save money yet still show you care, homemade Mother’s Day gifts really fit the bill.

8 things you can make homemade mother’s day

1. Decorate Your Own Ceramics

Decorating ceramic mugs, egg cups or plates is a good idea if you want a memorable and unique gift. You could choose a decorating kit, though it isn’t too hard to create your own decorated ceramics without one. Simply buy plain white items and some ceramic paint.

2. Create A Scrapbook

A scrapbook is one of the most personal homemade Mother’s Day gifts you can give. Whether you want to commemorate a specific event in her life, or simply want to fill it with photographs, mementos and anecdotes of your relationship, your mom will absolutely love the effort you put into this gift!

3. Help Her Out

Doing things for her may not be physical homemade Mother’s Day gifts, but they will mean a lot to your mom. If you still live with her this could mean doing the chores for a certain amount of time. If not, then you could go around to her place to fix those shelves, she’s needed for a while, help her plant some new plants in the garden, mow the lawn and so on. If you want to give a physical gift then create small “IOU” cards with a list of the different chores you’ll do for her.

4. Photo Mugs

Choose a good family photo for the basis of this homemade gift. Simply search online and choose a service that will create personalized mugs out of the photographs you provide! Although it may not be technically homemade, it’s very close!

5. Bake A Cake

If your mom has a sweet tooth, then it makes sense to bake her a cake for Mother’s Day! And, when you give it to her, use it as the perfect excuse to sit down together, eating cake and having a nice chat!

6. Homemade Soap and Candles

You can buy your own soap or candle making kits for a unique and homemade gift for Mother’s Day. If this sounds too difficult, then you could simply buy some plain candles and decorate them with embellishments, or combine them with other gifts.

7. Cook Her Dinner

Spending time with your mom is better than any gift you could buy from the store. So why not go with this theme and organize a dinner at home? Make all of her favorite dishes and spend some good quality time together.

8. Memories

A unique gift idea is to put together a box of memories. Have a good sort through your house to find old photos, things you’ve written, gifts you may have given or received… Anything that makes you think of her and a special occasion you spent together. You’ll have plenty to talk about when you visit her for Mother’s Day.

Homemade Mother’s Day gifts are more time consuming than buying something for your mom. However, they’ll also mean a lot more to her too!

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