Homemade Puppy Toys Ideas and Benefit

Everyone knows puppy love to run and chew, and this is natural for any dog. So they put in their mouth and chew whatever they see in your house and mass up everything. You don’t want this to be happening, so you buy dog toys for them to chew instead of things in your house.

Homemade Puppy Toys


The problem with dog toys, however, You know dog toys are getting expensive and sometimes they are not even worth as their price, And if they are not well-suited to your pet, they may not last as long as you’d like. You pick up the most adorable stuffed alien, only to find it ripped to shreds a few hours later


[dropcap type=”e.g. circle or none” color=”#ffffff” background=”#e53b2c”] D [/dropcap]og puppy doesn’t care about designer labels (as far as I know) and they likely will enjoy the toy you made yourself just as much as one you purchased from the pet store.


But if you make homemade dog toys, then you can give more safer, because you know what kind of stuffs your homemade toys are made of, to your lovely dogs. Your dogs will feel more comfortable to play with homemade dog toys, because it will have the same smell as your home. By making dog toys with your children, you can teach them the value of making things at home, having fun with them, and make them more creative and imaginative. There are more advantages of making homemade dog  toys.

You want to start making, but you don’t know what and how to make and it will be really hard to make?

It’s much easier than you think. For example, A Knotted Towel: Have an old towel on hand that you’re not using anymore? Tie it in a knot. That’s it. Consider this option the equivalent to those fancy rope toys.

An Old Pair of Jeans: When your oldest pair of jeans rips in the wrong place, as they inevitably do, you have options. You could throw them away, or you could turn them into another homemade dog toy. Cut them into strips, braid and tie together in a knot at the ends. The best thing about this homemade dog toy is that it’s a little more durable than some of the other options.

A Water Bottle Wrapped in an Old T-shirt: This of course, but it’s just about as easy as it gets. Simply take an empty plastic water bottle, place an old T-shirt around it, and secure it by knotting the ends. It’s the DIY version of a squeaky toy!

It will save a whole lot of your money from spending While there are many resources, out to find homemade dog toys that are made of materials you may already have around the house and can be constructed in 10 minutes or less. Here’s how you make them:

Of course, if you put little more effort on making than just giving as it is, you can make many different kinds of dog toys, and your dogs can have lots of fun with those!


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