How Can the Venetian Plaster Be Applied in Homes?

The traditional plasters finish that is newly brought into the market and are in updated forms are thus called polished plaster. The basic implementation of the plaster is to cover the brick surfaces, but different styles and features are added with decorations in plaster. The range starts from a highly polished plaster and then to the rugged looks polished plasters. The marble, slaked lime and also marble chips combine to form a polished plaster, termed as the Venetian plaster. These plasters do give a distinctive look and are in great demand in the present day. The content of marble powder is around 40% in a plaster which has a lime base.

Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster

These polished plasters are used for the interior walls with different thicknesses with different textures which are used in the internal parts of the building whether it is for commercial or for residential use, any kind of buildings.  The basic reason behind the covering of walls and ceiling with these kinds of plaster is that it looks like a quite polished and fine finish like the marble, limestone or travertine.

The plasters are thereby applied over a primer and also bases of the basecoat. They are easily applied to one to four layers of the internal parts of the house. The finishes are made specialized with steel trowel to make it very smooth just like sheen. A protective layer of wax is sealed over the polished plaster that makes the wall free from scratches increasing the durability of the plaster of the wall.

The Venetian plaster is a plaster that is applied to multiple thin layers of the walls and the ceiling. It is also mixed with marble duct and applied by using a trowel or even spatula. This helps to make the surface quite smooth and the texture including its depth is made with fine finishes. When the Venetian plaster is used in the correct way then it creates a highly polished with a marble-like finish on it and looks hard as a rock.

These plasters are usually useful on surfaces or plains where the panels of marble could not at all be easily installed. It can be beautifully colored usually tinted and done by natural colorants. When some special marbles are desired then these types of plasters having the tint quality are quite helpful. On the other hand when some of the colors are needed or demanded and they are not available in the natural form then this Venetian plaster is quite helpful as well.

Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster

In some of the houses, it becomes very difficult to carve the real marbles in the homes of the columns, some of the curved walls and also corbels the Venetian plaster are used. Some of the techniques that are included are Scagliola, Marmorino and also graffito. The waxing or sealing of the plaster should be done properly so that the plaster does not get damaged due to brittles.

The better the Venetian plasters the better and stronger the base of the interior walls. It is very important to understand the proper way to apply the Venetian plaster. So the steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, understand the Venetian plaster properly

  • Secondly, it is important to get the needed tools and supplies

  • Then the practice of usage comes next

  • Then the room must be prepared in a systematic way

  • Start applying the first coat on the wall or the ceiling

  • Then after some time apply the second coat

  • Lastly, the finishing touches must be given either to the wall or the ceiling

If someone really wants to make his or her house last for a very long time then the usage of Venetian plaster is a great choice.

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