How to Choose Decorative With Outdoor Cushions

Do you enjoy sitting outside? Are you someone who absolutely loves to be outside, whether it is for a party or simply just to relax? If so, then you are likely familiar with outdoor make your times even more comfortable. The advantage of using outdoor chair cushions lies in the material they are made of. Since these chairs are constantly exposed to elements like the sun and rain, it is mandatory for their materials to be durable.



Outdoor cushions should be one of the important things on your list, the cushions are going to be what adds the comfort to the style of your patio.

So it definitely is an important part of designing and decorating your patio. And choosing the best outdoor cushions to go with this furniture should also be included on your to-do list.



Some tips to help you choose the best outdoor cushions

Choosing the right fabric for your outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions, by virtue of their very name, must be a lot more hardy and durable than their indoor counterparts. Even if your cushions will be left in a covered area, they will still endure much harsher conditions than if they were indoors as there will be things like dust and moisture from the air to contend with. For this reason, it is important to choose the fabric of your outdoor cushions wisely.



While it can be tempting to buy cushions made from linen or cotton to create a relaxed and comfortable area, unless you are willing to put these cushions out each time you want to use them and take them back indoors when you are done, this might not be the best choice. Similarly, silk and leather cushions will require a lot of care to keep them protected from the elements.

An excellent alternative to indoor fabrics is cotton canvas and duck canvas. These materials are plain woven fabrics and they are a lot more durable and hard-wearing that any of the materials mentioned above. If you are worried about the comfort factor, then going for duck canvas as it is more tightly woven and therefore smoother than cotton canvas. These materials also dye easily, so they come in lots of wonderful colors and patterns which is exactly what you want in an outdoor setting.

Choosing the right cushions for your outdoor setting

Outdoor furniture is often bought first for its ability to weather the elements and then for its looks. It’s important to get an outdoor setting that will last rather get something that looks fabulous in the shop, but will fade quickly after a month of sitting outside. Because of this, it is often necessary to use other methods to bring some color and style to your outdoor space and cushions are an excellent way to do this.



Adding some well-selected outdoor cushions allow you to splash some color around your outdoor area. Often you are starting with a clean slate as most colors in outdoor areas are neutral. This means that you can have the most fun with outdoor cushions because you are not trying to match your cushions to other elements in your room like you would be doing when purchasing indoor cushions.

For this reason, we recommend choosing some bright bold colors for your outdoor area. We also suggest not sticking to the one color or pattern, but mixing it up a bit. Stripes are an excellent choice for outdoor cushions, especially if you get a range of different colors. Sticking to primary colors can be a good way to add some bright, bold colors to your outdoor space while safe in the knowledge that your colors will match. Alternatively, choose two or three different types of cushions that have a few central colors running through them and buy a pair of each.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix up the size and shape of your cushions. Adding a few rectangles or different sized square cushions can be an excellent way to improve the look of your outdoor area.

Remember that outdoor cushion takes a considerable beating, particularly if you entertain guests or enjoy regular outdoor BBQ’s. Therefore, in addition to being weather resistant, your patio cushions should also be stain resistant. This makes it easier to wipe off dirt, food, and liquid stains – practically a must if you also have young children.


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