How To Choose The Furniture For Home According To The Space Available?


Contrary to what many people think, beauty and comfort are not the only factors to consider when furnishing the home. It is also important to take into account the available space. This is the only way to create a practical, functional and aesthetically harmonious decoration.

How many people get furniture if they let themselves be carried only by the visuals of the pieces and only then do they realize that the item does not even fit the space, barely passes through the door or does it not fit the environment?

For this kind of problem not to happen to you, let’s share 6 unique tips that will help you choose the home furniture according to the space available. If you want more tips and guide to choose furniture for your home, Check out:

Start by doing good planning

Before going shopping for furniture, the ideal is to plan the decoration of the environment. This will guide your choices and enable smart acquisitions. Analyze the space you have available, measure the walls and list the pieces of furniture you want to put in the room. Include the largest furniture in the list first, and then insert the small furniture and accessories.

Make a furniture layout simulation

After planning the decoration of the environment and defining which furniture will compose the space, simulate the arrangement of the pieces in the room. Use newspaper or tape to mark the position of each piece of furniture. Remember to leave a free area for circulation. It is recommended that there be between 60 and 90 cm between one mobile and another.

Invest in functional furniture

An excellent way to optimize space is to invest in multifunctional furniture, those famous two in one. The parts with double function, besides practical and modern, are indicated to take advantage of every inch of the environment. Bet on beds with trunks, poufs that can be used as small tables, sofa beds, folding benches, extendable tables, etc.

Avoid excesses

Take care not to fill the environment with many furniture, after all, this creates visual pollution and compromises the use of space. Prefer to create a light, sophisticated and clean decor with few – but striking – elements. Here quality matters more than quantity. Before having beautiful and high standard furniture, than many low quality furniture, dubious aesthetics and poor finish.

Consider furniture design

Another aspect to consider is the design of the furniture. Thin and straight lines create the feeling of spaciousness in the environment and, on top of that, add charm and beauty to the room. It pays to include furniture with a beautiful design in the environment, just be careful to make a choice proportional to the size of the space. Do not go putting a huge sofa in a very compact room or a tiny sofa in a large room . It does not make sense, however much the play is beautiful.

Enjoy the airspace

Use niches, hanging cabinets and shelves in the environments. Especially in small real estate, this is a smart solution to optimize space and make the room more beautiful, practical and functional. Best of all, this type of furniture does not negatively impact the circulation area.


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