How to extend your living space on your deck or a patio

 Living Space

Being outdoors has always been a great way to spend your free time, with fresh air, a lot of space to hang out with friends or have a barbeque. Having additional space to enjoy all these things is essential, so a lot of people decide to build a patio or a deck. It’s an easy way to expand your living space, without having to break the bank or spend so much time building a new room addition. Having a deck or a patio can turn your yard into a dining room, entertainment and relaxing area and more. Below you will find tips on how to expand your living space with a deck or patio.

Where to start?

Start first by deciding where the patio will be built. It’s usually in front of the house, but it can go in the back, especially if you have a big yard that you can get on from the patio stairs. Make sure you have direct access to it, without any barriers. You can have an open deck, but it is advised to make it closed or semi-closed, so you could use it in any weather. As it extends from the house, you can use the same type of flooring and aesthetic to have harmony when building. If you connect it to the kitchen or living room area, it will give your family more room to entertain and be connected with the guests. By connecting it to a workspace, allows you to work outside on nice days.

Choose a type

There is a number of factors that influence the shape and size of the patio. Those can be the shape and size of your house, the style of your house and the size of your lot. Shapes and sizes of the patio include Entry patio, Multilevel patio, U-shaped and L-shaped patio and Detached patio. Entry patios are built in front of the house, usually with some cove up for privacy. Multilevel patios have levels that are connected with stairs and are great if you have slopes on your property. U and L-shaped patios usually wrap around the house and can be accessed through many rooms. A detached patio is great if you want to escape the noise from the house and enjoy your garden.

Creating a room

A deck or a patio can have many uses, so it’s up to you and your daily activities what you will have on the patio. A kitchen is the heart of the house, so it’s a great idea to extend it to the patio. Having an outdoor seating and table area is a great way to enjoy nature while having lunch with your family. If your house has gas, you can extend it to the outside grill. An interesting idea is to create a sunroom and use it as an office, recreation area or indoor garden.

Cover it up

By enclosing the outdoor area, you get a place that can be used all year round, where you don’t have to wait for the sun to come out. It also saves you from bugs. You can also make a semi-closed patio, with only the roof closed. The point is to spend time outside, so when it rains, it’s important that the roof of the patio is excellently built, with quality gutter brackets to support the gutters. If it’s really hot, having a cover-up will create shade and a nice place to relax. With a cover-up, you can be sure that you won’t have to get inside and move all of the barbeques if it starts raining. You can stay outdoors, having fun with friends while listening to the sound of the rain.

Finishing touches

Having a patio with outdoor furniture is not enough, so make most of the new area you have. Having light, plants and decoration will give you an opportunity to leave your mark on the place. There are different lighting options. You can place lights in the flowers, hang them around the patio, or hang them from the roof. A great option is to have solar lights, that collect energy from the Sun, giving you nice lighting when it gets dark. Having plants and flowers can give you shade and color to your patio. Not to mention that they smell really nice. You can create a nook for reading between many flowers.

Building an outdoor space can take time and work, but it’s very rewarding. Having a safe space to hang out in all of the types of weather is a dream, one that you can make possible by having a covered patio. Enjoy summer barbeques, read a book or spend quality time with your family and friends. You get many possibilities with having a patio, so make sure to enjoy your free time outdoors.


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