How to Find New Craft Ideas

If you are a crafter, chances are you have run the gamut of places to look for new and innovative crafts. If you are always searching for something new in the craft world, here are a few ideas on how to achieve that goal.

How to Find New Craft Ideas
How to Find New Craft Ideas

Make Something New from Something Old

Although the internet and social media are wonderful ways to find new and innovative crafts to try out, sometimes old things are of just as much use.

Garage sales – These are a wonderful playground for crafters. You can find so many goodies to turn into crafts. Most if not all garage sales sell leftover holiday decorations. An old wreath, for example, is a foundation for new wreath waiting to be born.

Some homes have a family member who was into jarring and canning. Mason jars found at garage sales are a major find. Mason jars are useful in construction in so many ways.

Estate sales – If you have never been to an estate sale, grab a newspaper and get ready to hit the ground running. Items such as an old sewing kit filled with different and interesting buttons or ribbons can make any crafter smile with glee.

Parts and pieces from old watches and stopwatches, as well as pins, brooches, and charms are useful for the jewelry crafter.

Become a Crafty Detective

If you feel your ideas are running on empty lately, take some time off, step away and become a craft detective. Attend craft shows as a customer. Browse the aisles and aisles of tables. Talk to the vendors; find out where they get their ideas and where they find their craft materials.

This is a great and creative fun way to spend the day without having to do any work. In addition, you will be surprised at the bevy of ideas you come home with to add to your crafty ones. You can take an idea that you spot at a flea market or craft sale and improve upon it until you make it your own.

The Internet and Social Media

Of course, no crafter would be complete without the use of the internet and social media. You can utilize some of the internet’s word tracking systems and type in your specific craft or hobby to find new links to new ideas.

Standard social media entities such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are great places to keep up with new craft ideas. And don’t forget to check out the blogs and websites of others to get your creative juices flowing once again.



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