How to Matching the Gift Wrap to the Recipient

C rafting creative gift wrap ideas, when you give someone a gift, you want it to be remembered. But how can you do that when the gift is something ordinary or practical? One way is to make the wrapping paper, especially memorable.


Gift Wrap


Gift wrapping is an art and hobby. But to do it well and professionally, it entails that you have to practice and experience the learning yourself. One of the simplest yet can be challenging task of gift wrapping is the ability to choose the right specialty gift wrap paper.

Start by thinking about the gift recipient. How would you describe him or her in a single word? Fashionable, trendy, creative, traditional, practical? Is the recipient a child or an adult? What kind of emotional attachment do you have for the recipient?

Next, to that one-word description, keeping the recipient’s age and relationship with you in mind. For example, a recipient who is fashionable will probably like wrapping paper in this season’s colors and patterns. If you’re not certain what those colors are, flip through a copy of Vogue or any other fashion magazine for common colors and design details. For instance, champagne, lemon, and burgundy are hot colors for Fall, and both fringe and shine are frequently integrated. You might also keep your gift very simply wrapped for these people in black, white, or an occasion-appropriate color, but decorate the package with a smart scarf tied in a bow.

Next, think about ways you can match the wrapping paper to Unique, Creative ideas and easy to do gift wrapping of all especially during festival season. What gift wrapping material can be used and in what style so that your gift wrapping looks unique and enchanting.

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Treat other single-word descriptions similarly. Children absolutely love colorful, attractive gifts. Cartoon characters are always a hit amongst little kids. If you are looking for gift wrapping ideas for birthday party of a girl, or a person who is geekily obsessed about something – cars, Star Wars, gambling – will always love paper matching the obsession. For creative friends, paper you’ve designed yourself, whether it’s printed from your computer or hand-stamped on repurposed grocery bags, might be ideal. Practical friends will love gifts wrapped in something that can be used later, like cloth or a simple shopping bag.

Color can be very special as well for more than just fashion. Consider tradition; Christmas is red and green, Halloween is orange, Mardi Gras is green, purple, and gold. Your gift recipient might have a color he or she has made their own that would be appropriate for your wrapping. For other occasions you can get creative, wrapping your gift in contrasting colors like orange and blue, or in shades of a single color. Keep it appropriate to the gift recipient: red for romance, vibrant kid-friendly colors for younger gift recipients; more sedate colors for your conservative mom or uncle.

There are better ways to make our own gift wrapping paper. We can use paints, stamps, and colored inks to make our own unique wrap material. You can have fun with making your own paper, or by using unique gift presentation ideas like baskets or clothing. For example, a back-to-school gift can be really special when presented in an inexpensive backpack or messenger bag.

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Then there are options of gift bags that are available in a variety of colors and materials. Handmade paper bags are much in for wrapping purposes, but as an alternative we can also make use of fabric bags. Fabric bags can also be prepared by home with simple stitching of any unwanted and designer fabric piece. The same can be embellished using a variety of adornments like beads, sequences, embroidery work, paint, and block prints,

Crafting creative gift wrap ideas, Be fun and creative, and don’t be afraid of the recipient disliking your gift wrap. Pay attention to your gift recipient’s reactions from other years, as sometimes even obsessions can be overdone.


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