How to Plan a Living Room Layout

Room space planning makes it easier for you to see how your choice of furniture would fit into any room, not just your living room layout.



Whether you’re building the living room in a new home, remodeling an existing living room or simply rearranging furniture you already have, laying out your living room is best done with a plan in mind. Before you start doing any heavy lifting, consider these professional living room layout tips.



Room Space Planning is the Answer

Planning. Analyze the way you spend time in your living room layout.  Writing down everything that you plan to do there. “This will help you prioritize when you reach the furniture planning stage,”



The first step to living room decorating is to identify how the room is primarily used. Knowing the purpose of your living room can help you decide exactly how to decorate it.

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1. Clear Circulation Space

Then think about traffic and conversation flow. How do you enter a room? Move between chairs? Get around the corner of a sofa? “You never want to feel trapped or feel as though you’re making laps around a room to get in or out, “It should be set up so can walk in and out of the room easily.”



The living room furniture you have in place today might no longer suit your needs according to the room’s purpose. Have several of your children grown and moved out of the house? Do you still need an eight-foot long couch for television viewing or the rocking chair you used as a young mother? Do you need an additional coffee table or new end tables?

2. Visual Balance

Don’t leave too much space between seating, so a conversation can flow easily.



Arranging and rearranging. Everyone has an individual preference when it comes to arranging furniture. Some people like to take their time and plan out every detail. For those, starting off with a scaled drawing of space,

Keeping things to scale. All of the designers here emphasize the importance of the furniture size in a living room. “Having too much room or too little room can really throw off the look and feel of space.”

But above all else, make sure whatever you buy is comfortable too. “Select furniture that fits you, Try out different sized pieces. We’ve found some people prefer a larger furniture they can curl up in, and some people prefer more petite furniture.

Consider your entertaining needs and choose furniture that can be used with larger groups if necessary.

Buying furniture. A new living room usually means some new furniture — at least, a piece here and there. Choosing the sofa first, since it tends to be the largest piece in the room. “When buying a sofa, go moderate in size, for it might be used in a future house in the den or library,”

3. Ventilation

If the living room is considerably large, then in most cases it also has a higher ceiling. This is very perfect for the proportions of space. So think about ventilating this space naturally and artificially, As well. If you are going to use fans then will these be hung from the ceiling or be wall mounted.

4. Warm and Welcoming Color Scheme

As a general rule always keep your living room coming using bright color scheme, that has a welcoming attitude. As mentioned above the living room is the first space you will see when you enter your home, so make it a point to use inspiring colors of your choice to add a touch of beauty.

One tip when planning the living room for a big family is to focus on storage, so something for everyone will be available when needed.

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With careful planning, you can create a new living room addition that will meet the lifestyle needs of your family. You can enhance the curb appeal of your existing home with the addition and increase the resale value of your home. A living room addition is the perfect opportunity to create the perfect space for your needs.

Tell us: What have you learned while laying out your living room?


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