How to Tidy Up Your Home, Even If You Hate Cleaning

Clearing clutter

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Looking to tidy up your home? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of a few organizing and cleaning hacks that can make even the most monumental decluttering effort easier. So, before you begin your own cleaning spree, be sure to read through these helpful tips.


Maximize Storage, Even in a Smaller Space  

Have a home that’s short on space but still want to maintain some style? You don’t have to overcrowd your home with tons of shelves, bins, and baskets to get things organized. All you really need are some home storage hacks to maximize the potential of the space you do have. When you have a smaller home or minimalist tastes, every storage solution needs to have multiple purposes. So, if you use crates to stash extra blankets, try covering them for use as ottomans as well. If you have some space under your bed, grab some trunks to stylishly stow away seasonal clothing and accessories. Even if you are limited on floor space, you can use your walls and ceilings for a little vertical organization. Just be sure that your multi-tasking storage solutions fit in with your home, as well as your personal style.


Know When to Hire a Pro or DIY Organizing 

You feel like hiring a professional organizer is a smart move. But even with a smaller apartment, hiring a pro could set you back $2,000 or more. If you are extremely short on time, have the budget and hate organizing, you may be able to justify this expense. Or, if none of these conditions apply to you, you could just use some pro tricks to make decluttering your home a much easier task to complete on your own. An essential secret to remember when it comes to organizing any space is that it will generally take you more time than you think. So, plan your decluttering spree out in sections or space it out over time. Doing so will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed or defeated and can make cleaning your home much more manageable.


Have a Plan for Storing, Donating, or Tossing  

At this point, you should have distinct piles of items you want to keep, things you want to toss, items that can be donated, sentimental things you want to give away, and stuff you just are not sure about yet. We’ve already given you some creative ideas for storage around your house, but if you find yourself with a large stack of “not sure” items, you may want to look into renting a storage unit. Before you commit to self-storage, be sure to ask about agreement terms and pricing. For those items that are in usable condition, try researching charities online that may accept them as donations. Finally, if you do need to toss some things, make sure you do so in a responsible, eco-friendly manner. Plastic goods should always be recycled properly, as well as any other recyclable materials leftover.


Make Short Work of Maintaining an Organized Home  

After taking all that time to get everything into its place and your home looking its best, you will likely want to keep things that way. In terms of organizing, you just need to be committed to more proactive decluttering steps. Take some time to put things away each day, and don’t put off small cleaning projects until they pile up into an unmanageable list. Using small measures spread out over time is a much more efficient way to keep clutter out of your home than trying to do everything all at once. If even those tiny tasks seem like a lot, remember that clutter in your home can lead to more tension in other areas of your life. So, those small efforts do more than just maintain your home. They can also maintain your quality of life. 

Clearing clutter out of your home is a great way to get your life organized. Follow the organizing tips above, and take a little time each day to maintain the clean you worked so hard to create. Your home and your happiness will be so much greater for it.


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