How to Traveling With Your Pet Ferret

F errets love to traveling and see new places, especially when it comes to discovering new outdoor areas. If you are walking in the town, then you can take your ferret  with you in a messenger bag. Usually ferret sits still so there is no need to conduct a full ferret  training to teach them how to behave well in the bag.


Travel With You Ferret
Photo By: USFWS Mountain-Prairie


If you are traveling by car and decided to take your ferret with you, please note that the ferret might want to get out of the cage. Leaving him in the car while driving is not safe at all, the ferret can really distract the driver, jump from place to place and can even cause a car accident. So if you are planning long hours driving then it is advisable to park the car from time to time, and let the ferret get out from the cage for a while. This can be a good experience if you plan carefully and bring the right gear along to make his temporary home safe and comfortable.

In fact, ferrets spending most of the time sleeping and resting in their places so you shouldn’t have any problem travel with it.

Local trips in the car

Traveling with your ferret on short car trips is reasonably easy. It is important that your furry friend stays in a travel carrier and is not allowed to roam freely in the car. It is just too easy for him to get under foot and possibly cause an automobile accident.

Trains, buses and planes

The key to commercial transportation is to phone ahead and check the regulations and company policies. Be sure to conform to whatever the transportation company requires. After having a conversation with the airline, bus or train company, have them send you an email confirming your conversation and what they will allow. Carry a copy of that correspondence with you when you travel to avoid misunderstandings. Consider carefully whether or not you are alright with your ferret traveling in a luggage compartment.

Ferret Traveling Supplies

If you plan on taking your ferret on a vacation, or simply out to run errands – the simplest solution is to buy a small pet carrier. This makes keeping your ferret safe (and in one place) much easier. The best ferret carry-all will have a shoulder strap and see through windows. Make sure you do not buy the smallest carrier your ferret fit in to. Instead, look for a bag that will accommodate a water bottle at minimum, and a litter pan and food dish at maximum. In general, smaller carry-alls are fine for short trips, but anything longer like a multi-day roadtrip will require a larger carrier.


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Ferret Training Before Your Trip

While ferrets love to traveling with you, almost all need some time to get used to their carry cases. Start using your carry case for a brief 5-15min intervals, just to get your ferret used to spending time inside. Reward all good behavior with treats. Gradually extend the time your ferret spends in his or her carry case until you feel reasonably confident your ferret will be fine for the duration of your trip. Obviously with car trips, it is easier to stop and give your ferret a break than with say, air travel.

What to Watch Out For

High Temperatures

Ferrets are particularly prone to overheating. Daily temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher are simply not safe for ferrets. Overheating can be a life threatening condition for ferrets, so always take serious precautions. Signs of overheating include panting, limp body, and loss of consciousness

Before you traveling, it is imperative to find out where the closest veterinarian is located near where you are staying, who will tend to your ferret should it become sick or injured.

You and your ferret can make wonderful travel companions! Traveling with ferrets can be easy, if you know what to do and what supplies you need.

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