Idea Amazon Styling a Cool Work for College Dorm Room

Too many options for your decor. It’s important to add color and interest in other ways to Create a collage on your walls with inexpensive,



A ensuring each of the spaces was decorated entirely with products from Amazon. The fun twist? I jumped at the chance to showcase fun ways college students could add color and style to their blank dorm rooms.



Dorm room decorating is about making reflect your personality no matter where you are living! By focusing on the same five basic pieces (blanket, decorative pillow, table lamp, wall decoration, rug) we’ll find just the right quick-ship online pieces for your decor.

Some dorms room already have furniture and some don’t but either way, you can dress up simple designer desk furniture with armchair, and colorful accessories, and personal pieces from home, like a succulent or framed photo and hang them in a gallery-style arrangement. It’s mature but still fun.

Accessorize; Faux fur will get you partway there to getting a home feel in the dorm, but accessories are key to adding a personal touch to any space, and for school work; metal bins and tins to store all your stationery, books, hair products and so on;

Create a tonal color palette; created a tonal scheme with a series of softer shades of blue. it works well to pick, in a consistent scheme it’s important to play with coordination and contrast to keep each scheme feeling fresh – disparate pieces can form a cohesive look that’s totally unique to you.

Mirror; adding vanity mirror to your desk is a fun way to transform a boring dorm room desk into a beauty-focused area. Choose throw cushions that embody your style, and incorporate art that will bring joy to your day after day. Plants are another excellent way to bring life into the dorm; select easy-to-care-for varieties,

Also, layering the bed with throw pillows transforms the bed into a multipurpose area that can be used for relaxing, working, chilling with friends and sleeping.

Lighten up; and introduce a lamp to set the mood and offer up the proper glow for a midnight study session. Available in a wide range of styles, table and floor lamps as in living area.

Of course, you might not have a college dorm room of this size! but my hope is that you will be inspired by these easy and affordable ideas for making your dorm. And don’t forget the organizing bins to keep things clutter-free.


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