Ideas, Living Room Layouts Design for All Tastes

The formal or as playful as you, please. Ideas furniture layouts for the living room is sure to suit your style


A successful living room layout depends on two factors: room shape and lifestyle. While some may find a symmetrical space to be perfection, others may prefer the gentle chaos of multiple seating areas. But no matter if your living room is small, long, narrow or high, you can use your furniture layout to reflect your own style while creating an inviting feeling for anyone.



Circulation, Is the key. Before you give any thought to finishes or colors or patterns, you think about the way bodies move through space. Once he establishes that, everything else just follows.


“So you have to listen to what the room tells you”


Here are great Ideas furniture layouts for the living room is sure to suit your style



Symmetrical: The dividing the layout equally on either side allows guests to sit directly across from one another. Usually, symmetrical layouts like this dictate a more formal setting.

Minimalist: Using minimalist, low-lying furniture puts the emphasis on your home’s architecture. No end tables or table lamps are necessary for this living room space.

Balanced: Forget the sofa and create a circular area of relaxing club chairs. Placing furniture all around the room with a cocktail table as the anchor creates a comfortable balance that promotes conversation.

Harmonizing: The living room many guests with seating in many shapes and sizes. The sofa grounds the back wall while the rest of the furniture arrangement circles around an oversize cocktail table.

Playful: Not every living space has to be serious. If you have a larger piece of gaming furniture, build your living room around it. The pool table takes the place of a conventional sofa here, Custom bench seating with flared arms under the windows subtly emphasizes the fun feel.

Small: Smaller living rooms offer the opportunity for bold style and cozy furniture layouts. A settee, used in lieu of a traditional sofa, sits perfectly in the middle of the room. Combined with two armless chairs, it provides plenty of seating for just the right amount of guests.

Space: When space is tight, you have to hide storage anywhere you can. The skirted side table conceals serving pieces and silverware; a chest of drawers on the other end of the sofa stores linens and candles.

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House with children in mind is a balancing act. How do you create a space that inspires you while making sure even the smallest of family members is comfortable?

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