Why You Should Improve Your Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is necessary for the body to function and remain healthy. Your heart pumps blood through blood vessels throughout the circulatory system. Red blood cells carry oxygen to vital organs, which provides you with energy and vitality.


Improve Your Blood


Our blood flow can affect all aspects of our health, in ways you might not expect it to. For instance, healthy, steady blood flow is needed for digestion, a healthy circulation that leads to good heart health, energy, and even helping remove wastes that can become stagnant and contribute to weight gain and acidic pH levels in the body. Circulation of blood is also important for maintaining a healthy body temperature.

If you suspect you have poor circulation and have noticed you have calf pain when you walk, It might also be a symptom of Reynaud’s disease, an inherited autoimmune condition which can come on at any age and interrupt blood flow to the fingers, toes, and even nose and ears, making the extremities painful.

The good news is, Blood flow is improved through all forms of movement, along with certain foods and drinks in our diet. Eating a healthy, more alkaline diet, A diet rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, whole forms of fiber, and vitamins and minerals contribute to healthy blood flow and the removal of wastes. A diet low in these essential nutrients can lead to inflammation, toxic build-up, and poor elimination of wastes consistently.

Improve Blood Flow Naturally

Exercise aerobically.

If you do Aerobic exercise, the blood flows to all the parts of the body, and the arteries circulate. Exercise is part of a heart-healthy program that gets the blood pumping through the heart and through the arteries of the heart. Exercise is known to decrease your risk of common circulatory disorders, such as heart attacks

Low cholesterol foods.

Cholesterol can cause plaque buildup in the inner lining of the arteries. They gradually narrow and eventually narrow so much that the flow of blood through the arteries is so sluggish that blood clots form, Low cholesterol foods don’t contribute to getting cholesterol plaques.

Eat soluble fiber

  •              Oatmeal and oat cereal
  •              Blueberries
  •              Psyllium
  •              Oranges
  •              Apples
  •              Nuts
  •              Strawberries
  •              Beans
  •              Dried peas
  •              Flaxseeds
  •              Carrots
  •              Celery
  •              Cucumbers

Relax deeper.

The prolonged and intense stress is awful for your circulation. The antidote to stress is to relax often, manage the demands life places upon you so you don’t feel overwhelmed, and do things that you enjoy. And laughing with friends is also a wonderful way to unwind. Find a good relaxation CD or download and make a point of relaxing deeply into it three times a week.

Blood circulation is one indicator of how healthy (or not) you are. Remember to choose fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats when it comes to eating to improve your blood flow and you’ll be good to go. These foods will serve the body well. Oh, and of course, don’t forget to drink that water and Exercise!

Make your health, your priority?


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