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I t is common knowledge that the bedroom is an integral part of man’s daily life. The reason behind the foregoing is quite simple. We have all of our private time while indoors in the bedroom so, it is our personal space. The beauty of having enough storage cannot be overstated, as it does not only make your bedroom look neat; it also gives it an appeal that spells orderliness.

So here are 13 ways of improving your bedroom’s storage space

1. Incorporate a Closet

Some bedrooms do not come with closets. Most bedrooms, however, have partitions on the wall that can be transformed into a closet. A wardrobe or cabinet is okay for this. But for a cost-effective option, a combination of hanging rods, drawers, and shelves is best suited for this. If you’re using the second option of hanging rods across two ends, a makeshift curtain would be nice as it would prevent your stuff from being on display.

2. A Tote Bag to Stow Dry Cleaning is Perfect

For your used clothes that need to be dry cleaned, a tote bag should be used to store these clothes instead of just piling them up in the corner of the room. Not only will the bag help you save enough space, but it will also make your room orderly.

3. Go For an Extra-wide Dresser

Dressers that are not wide enough to tend to leave extra spaces idle and this is not nice for maximizing storage space. The better way to this is to fill the entire wall instead with one long dresser (or a bunch of little matching dressers) to use every last inch. Filling the space from wall to wall can actually make your room look bigger too.

4. Use Bedside Tables With Partitions

There are handy bedside tables that can be used to increase your storage space. Make do with tables that have drawers as you can store extra sheets, blankets or any other thing as you may deem necessary. When you are trying to maximize space, elegance should not be at the forefront of your mind. This is because through a bulk of very luxurious bedside tables like Tulip adds their own beauty to your bedroom, they, however, do not come with drawers or provide for an extra space that can be used for storage.

5. Pillows Not In Use Should Be Kept In Big Baskets

If you have a thing for extra pillows or even throw pillows and blankets, then you’ll be needing a big basket. A laundry basket is fine for this purpose

6. If the closet is Tight, Cubby-Style Shelves are just perfect

If your closet is tight and you’re stuck on where to keep your shoes, hats, and accessories, then cubby-style shelves are the answer. Not only do they give your room an appeal that is classy, it makes finding stuff easier especially when you’re in a hurry. Your bags are also better here as getting a hold of them from here is easy.

7. An All-in-one Approach Works Well

Make the most of an awkward space with custom built-in cabinetry that incorporates a headboard, nightstands, and wardrobe. Aside from fitting your physical space to a T, a custom piece, therefore, means that you will get to choose exactly the right storage combination for your stuff. Do you have little to hang buttons of sweaters? Go with more drawers and shelves. Love to read? Incorporate a bookshelf beside your bed.

8. Hang Clothes for Extra Storage

It is preferable to make use of a simple wardrobe rack to keep your favorite and prettiest pieces on display while freeing up room in the closet for bulkier pieces and basics.

9. Seek Out Slim Tables and Wall Mounts Where Space is Tight

In a situation where your room is having only a sliver of space between the foot of your bed and the wall, you can still put it to use. Squeeze in a tiny bit more storage with a super narrow console or floating shelf to use as a dressing table, or wall hooks for necklaces and scarves.

10. Floor-to-ceiling Cabinets Works Well

You can make do with tall, narrow cabinets or shelving. Surrounding a doorway on both sides looks balanced, and you can fit a surprising amount of clothing into a narrow space when it reaches all the way to the ceiling.

11. A Makeshift Bed Storage

Just in case your bed does not come with storage, there’s still something that can be done. Under the bed, storage has gotten sort of a bad rap in the past, but as long as you don’t overstuff the area, using it is really smart. Some beds come with storage compartments already built in. But If yours doesn’t, you can still use bins designed for this purpose, or give a few old wooden drawers new life by fitting them with casters and sliding them under the bed. Whichever storage option you choose, make sure it has a cover to keep dust out.

12. Wall Cabinets above Your Bed

For those with quite a number of clothes, having a cupboard above your bed is a good way to manage space. Also, tall, narrow cupboards on either side of the bed can hold hanging clothes, while a cabinet above the headboard is the perfect spot for stashing books or off-season accessories. For safety, be sure that anything you hang over your bed is extremely secure.

13. Baskets and Bins Beneath For Excesses

To prevent your stuff from littering around maybe when you get in tired, or those days when you don’t really have the time to keep things in order, baskets and bins are nice options. Clothes that have just been worn once and are not dirty can be kept there for easy reach or reuse.

In all, do remember to always keep your room tidy by cleaning up your littering as soon as possible. Not only will it help you manage your storage space, it will also help keep an orderly room always.

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