Increase Your Home’s Value On a Budget

Increase Your Home’sO ne question I have when I watch my favorite home show on TV is “Why to wait until you’re going to move to increase the value of your home?”

Why not improve it and make it pleasing to you while you’re still living there? Upgrading your home makes you feel good about living there. Plus, it’s a lot less expensive to make small changes to your existing home than to buy a new one.

Before you can decide what to tackle first, you must take a walk around the inside and outside of your home and look at it with fresh eyes. Take in details and think about the little things you can change that won’t take a ton of work or money, but can have an impact.

Often times, the changes you can make to the exterior of your property require more elbow grease than money. If you need help with manual labor, consider hiring a teenager who could use some spending money.


Increase Your Home’s


Starting with the yard; trim the lawn and fertilize it. Cut back or remove overgrown bushes, and trim up any trees. Pull the weeds, plant flowers, and add some fresh mulch. Clear out dead leaves, debris, and the “stuff” you’ve stored along the sides of the house or in the backyard.




Next, look at the outside of the house itself. Wash the windows and fix any shutters that may be lackluster. Replace gutters that aren’t working or look bad. Also, consider the siding of your home. Vinyl siding is quite durable and can add additional insulation to your home. Often times you will need a contractor for this, Otto’s Exteriors says that vinyl siding can be added to any building, in almost any color, easily and inexpensively. If you want to repaint,  shop around for a good price or do it yourself. If you’re not up to doing your whole house, then consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your trim and front door for maximum impact for little money.

Now look around inside and determine what you can do. New carpet may not be in the budget, but renting a steam cleaner and giving it a good cleaning is the next best thing and can make your carpet look almost new. Again, think fresh paint to really brighten up rooms and make them look good as new. Many kitchen cabinets can be painted as well.

Consider how you can update your home without spending a lot. Kitchen cabinet knobs or handles can be replaced relatively inexpensively. Modern faucets, light fixtures, and chandeliers don’t have to be real pricey if you shop around and wait for the good deals. Consider changing out the cheap-looking doorknobs too. You don’t have to do them all at once, maybe 2 or 3 each month.

Here’s a tip: Tour the garage sales in higher priced neighborhoods. You can often find treasures such as bathroom sinks and chandeliers after the owners have remodeled.

Lastly, spring cleans each room thoroughly and get rid of the clutter. Not only will the rooms look bigger, you’ll feel great about your home.

Take stock of your house and maximize its good features with a little elbow grease. Start a list of the items you’d like to replace and take care of them one by one so you don’t get hit hard in the wallet. You’ll be happy with the changes you’ve made while you live there.