Inventive Ways to Make a Small Space More Liveable

Make a Small Space More Liveable

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S o you have a tiny home? Well, it’s not tiny, it’s comfy, cosy, and just precious. Or at least, you can make it that way with some elbow grease and creativity. Namely, our article today deals with the many inventive ways you can work on your home and make it much better and nicer. The main challenge people who live in small homes have is pretty simple – they need to make it liveable. Well, if you want to know exactly how to make your tiny home cosy, just read on.

Get double duty furniture

So, first things first – you want double duty furniture. Now, double duty furniture is just furniture that has more than one intended use. For example, you can use side chairs instead of end tables when you put them next to your sofa. Your coffee table can serve as a kind of bench that also has some storage room.

Next, convertible furniture, such as sofa beds, are also a great choice. In general, many of these double duty furniture items can serve as storage spaces, you just have to find the right type and number.

Be smart with your walls

Many people don’t realise this, but your walls provide an ample amount of space for storage. They are completely untapped resources when it comes to extra space and room. For example, tall bookshelves, or just getting as many individual shelves as possible, means you are going to be able to save up a lot of room.


Next, do you have a bicycle that just takes up too much room? Then we suggest you install hooks in your home and just hang it up on your wall. This not only gives you extra space, it also gives you a very nice aesthetic to the entire place.

You might as well hang some of your clothing around as well. If you’re running out of storage, simply put your clothing on coat racks, even if you are not going to use them anytime soon. And while we are on the topic of hanging things on walls, you can hang up fold up chairs, tables, and other furniture items.

Finally, maybe you can get better results with poles and sconces instead of just getting table lamps. Namely, table lamps tend to be bulky and cumbersome, they can take up a lot of space on your desks which you can otherwise use for books and stuff. Putting a wall sconce can give you the room you need.

Don’t forget about doors and doorways

Don’t discount doors and doorways. Sure, they have their own primary function, but they can also serve another purpose. For example, you can put some hooks and hangers on the back of your doors. This is a great place to hang towels, handbags, even jewellery and artwork. And remember – you can use this for your cabinet doors as well, not just your regular old room doors.

Then, you can change your doors. Getting as many sliding doors as possible will save up some space when you actually open your doors. Contacting a good company, like Prestige Plus for example, means you can get sliding doors and solutions not only for your regular doors, but for your balcony as well. We also suggest you get sliding windows, and even get thinner doors (but don’t compromise on safety).

There is more space than you think there is

Finally, trust us, there is more space than you think, only if you’re creative. You most probably have awkward nooks and crannies all around your home. Maybe a wall that is at a weird angle, or maybe your fridge and microwave are strangely ordered. A DIY or custom made shelf and storage units might be just what you need.

more space

Then, there is also space under your bed and couch. Namely, getting skirted furniture means you get lots of room to hide stuff, while still maintaining the aesthetic and look of your home.


So that will be that folks, a couple of inventive ways you can make your small space much more liveable and cosy. Whether it’s being smart with your wall space and getting a lot of bookshelves, getting double duty furniture, or simply going to work and rethinking how your entire home is set up, you will definitely find a way to make the most out of your situation. Remember, if you focus properly, and take the time and energy needed to get creative, you will have a comfy home for years to come.


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