Is air cooler worth buying?

Do you want to cool your home without investing in air conditioning installation but more efficiently than with a simple fan? The air cooler is the alternative solution. Inexpensive to buy as well as operating cost, it allows you to cool the air by a few degrees to find an appreciable comfort of life even in hot weather.

How does an air cooler work?

The operating principle of an air cooler is entirely natural and ecological: adiabatic cooling or cooling by evaporation. The device draws in warm ambient air. This air, thanks to a blower, passes through a cellulose pad kept humid using a water tank. On contact with the vapors contained in the hot air, the water evaporates causing a drop in the air temperature at the outlet of the cooler.

It’s a 100% natural process. Unlike air conditioning, it does not use any refrigerant.

The Pros of the air cooler

The air cooler has many advantages to please you during a hot day!

  • It is economical: the first advantage of the best air cooler is its price. It is much less expensive than air conditioning, even monoblock air conditioner. It is also very economical to use (less than 100 W to cool 20 to 30 m²).

  • It is reliable: its very simple operating principle makes it particularly robust.

  • It is mobile: its wheels or its carrying handle allow it to be installed in any room in the house. There are also small models on battery to be placed on a table or on a desk.

  • It is easy to set up: it does not require any work to pass ducts, evacuation pipes or electrical wires. Simply fill the water tank and plug it into an electrical outlet to operate it.

  • It is simple to use: its settings are easy to set up and its maintenance just as easy.

  • It does not cause thermal shock: by lowering the temperature of the room where it is installed by only a few degrees, it provides comfort without causing large differences in temperature between the interior and the exterior.

  • It can be used while keeping the window open: with air conditioning, it is advisable to close doors and windows.

The Cons of the air cooler

If it is attractive, the air cooler nevertheless has some faults compared to air conditioning.

  • Cooling is limited: the air cooler can lower the temperature by up to 10 ° compared to the outside temperature. It brings freshness but not the “dry cooling effect” that can provide air conditioning.

  • It loses its effectiveness if the air is too humid: it is particularly effective when the air is hot and dry. However, its operation leads to humidification of the room where it is located. It is therefore necessary to regularly ventilate at the risk of bringing in heat.

  • Its autonomy is limited: It works as long as the cellulose pad is wet. If the water container is too small, it should be filled often. And it cannot work independently as air conditioning.

  • It does not allow the temperature to be adjusted precisely: it cools the air but it cannot be given a precise set temperature to be observed. It is therefore less precise than an air conditioner.

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