How Kids Can Help With Natural Landscaping

When first approaching natural landscaping, it may seem overwhelming. Natural landscaping and native plants in the forms of fern, flowering shrubs, and even trees are so majestically and perfectly created by Mother Nature that it seems as though we could never recreate its beauty.


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However, anyone can mimic the beauty of natural landscaping, especially if you make it a family affair. Natural landscaping is something that is enjoyed by families for generations. Not only is the planting of a natural landscape a possibility, but the design and upkeep is something that family members can take part in for generations to come as well.

How to begin

The best way to begin getting the kids involved in natural landscaping is to educate them without specifically letting them know that you are educating them.

A trip to the library to take out books related to natural landscaping is a great way to begin the adventure. Have younger children pick out books on the subject and make sure there are plenty of photos. The more photos of natural landscaping, the better off the project will come out.

Gather some ideas and even use magazines as a cut and paste scrapbook of ideas of colors that would go well together.

Let technology is your friend

Use the kids’ electronic devices to download magazine articles, books, and even movies that have fields of natural landscaping in them. Let them save some of their most loved pictures into their favorites and visit them later to see what everyone else’s ideas are to compare and contrast.

The planning stage

Now is the most important part – the planning stage. You need to physically measure up your yard space to see what you can plant where.

  • First, do your research once you have decided on which plants and shrubs you will use, as well as tall grasses.
  • Then, prepare and plan your space accordingly. In the case of small children, if there is any dirt that needs turning over, they will be the first to volunteer.
  • Next, seek out the advice and expertise of a garden expert before you purchase. Make sure any natural landscaping you are doing fits into the needs of the perennials, ferns, shrubs, trees or grasses that you are planting.

Keep a Journal

Make sure that you keep a journal along the way. Take photos of the kids as they look through their books and online searches. Take photos of digging up the yard, buying the plants, and finally planting them.

Taking photos and keeping a journal does not have to stop there. If you are fortunate enough to plant a natural landscape garden while the kids are still young, take photos of all the backyard barbecues and birthday parties as the years roll on by.


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