Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Improve Your Well-Being

Coming up with a nice kitchen layout is great, but being smart and efficient with your kitchen design in a way that enhances your lifestyle is even better. You want to make sure that you have the right cabinetry to hide appliances or that your kitchen island counter can direct traffic efficiently so that your house chef can prepare their food without hassle. Let’s talk about some of those ideas:


kitchen remodeling ideas


Providing Easy Access

You want to ensure that you have easy access to everything from a prep table to your pantry storage. Make room, at least 18 to 24 inches, on each side of a stove or sink to provide easy access to whatever you need in the kitchen.

Do You Need A New Renovation?

If your kitchen is just a few steps away from your living room, then chances are you probably need a more open layout. This calls for a gutting or kitchen renovation that might require moving some walls.

Appliance Parking

Can you see all your appliances sticking out like sore thumbs? For a seamless look, why not invest in some custom cabinetry that will allow your kitchen to look more minimal in design? Keeping a clean kitchen often starts with the actual design, in this case, kitchen cabinetry.

Island Stools


island stools


Having an island with stools allow you to separate different areas in the kitchen. While you prepare food as the chef, your family members can still watch or be around without affecting your work flow.

Refrigerator Placement

Are your kids always going to the fridge? Are you left-handed and find yourself reaching for things with your right hand? You should put your fridge near the entertainment side of the room. That way, family members can raid the fridge without walking through the cook space. Also, keep your food prep areas as close as possible to the sink and stove.

Open The Doors

When looking at your kitchen design on paper, do you notice how none of the doors are opened? Be cognizant of where your cabinet doors open as not to obstruct other appliances from opening.

This was a guest post by Adam Sherman. He is the managing partner at Cottage Industries, Inc., a design build home remodeling firm in Philadelphia and the Main Line. For more home remodeling resources, please visit


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