Learn the Tips Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners

With easy quilt beautiful patterns there are many ways to approach each step. This can be overwhelming for new quilters, especially when you add the hundreds of new terms and techniques to the learning curve.


As you gain more experience you will discover which quilting methods work best for you. When you are just getting started, there are a few basic skills that will help you sew precise blocks and quilts right from the beginning.



1. Learn the Designs and Beautiful Patterns

Keep a quilting journal handy. Write down the words you don’t understand when reading, quilting patterns, quilting books or magazines and look them up. This will create a valuable resource for you when working on your quilting projects.

2. Learn the Fabrics and Color

Understanding fabric is essential to quilting. Learning how to care for fabric and the specific guidelines for cutting will result in beautiful and professional looking quilts from the beginning. Investing in a color wheel will help you choose fabrics that complement each other and bring out the best in your quilting design.

3. Learn the Master Your Rotary Cutter

Developing your rotary cutting skills is something every new quilter should master. This technique will allow you to easily cut several layers of fabric into strips or shapes. It’s also a huge time saver as compared to the traditional method of scissors, which is slow and can cause pain in your fingers and hands.

4. Learn the Piecing Techniques

Learning strip piecing and other quick piecing techniques are easy and will speed up the process of cutting and sewing your pieced quilt blocks. Sewing together strips of fabric and then cutting them into blacks eliminates the need for creating each block separately. Strip piecing can be used to create many different blocks ranging from Log Cabin to Nine-Patch, half square triangles and many more.

5. Learn to Perfect a Quarter Inch Seam Allowance

If you are used to sew clothing using standard 5/8″ seam allowances it can be challenging to adjust to the ¼” seam allowances used in quilting.

6. Pressing Basics are Essential

Taking the time to press your quilt blocks while you make them is essential to your piecing accuracy. You will be greatly rewarded when your blocks fit together seamlessly and your quilting project looks like a pro!



Above all, enjoy the process! Learn from your mistakes and move on. With each quilt you make, your skills and knowledge will grow and before you know it you will be mentoring beginner quilters.

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