Life Changing: Staying Active, Stay Healthy

There are a lot of people out there who believe that they’re now too old or too frail to exercise, or that they’ll injure themselves if, in fact, they do begin to work out in any way. In fact, the opposite is actually true.

Life Changing

Life Changing, receive so many benefits when you exercise. Your heart becomes strong and it works effortlessly. It easily pumps oxygen throughout your body, which allows all of your different internal and external systems to work properly.

While it is a fact that metabolism slows down as one age and it becomes more difficult to burn calories, there is still a lot that one can do to stay healthy and fit. Making exercise a part of your daily routine is extremely important if you hope to stay active and able to participate fully in life.

Of course, there are a number of health benefits that can be derived from exercise. Let’s have a look at a few of these benefits, and you can judge for yourself.

You Feel Better About Yourself

When you exercise, “feel good” chemicals and hormones are released by your brain. That’s right, there is a physiological reason you feel great after you exert yourself physically. You truly do feel good about yourself as a person when you exercise on a regular basis.

Your Social Life Benefit

Humans are social animals. Most of us feel better in social settings where our friends, family members, and other like-minded individuals spend time with us. When you exercise after you turn 50 years of age, you promote independence and positive self-worth. This leads to a richer social life. Many exercises and other forms of physical fitness are also social by their very nature, like hiking clubs and cycling or yoga classes.

Your Brain Is Sharper and Your Memory Recall Improves

Studies have shown that frequent exercise actually improves your recall. A physically fit body leads to a sharp mind and excellent memory. Your elevated heart rate pumps blood and the aforementioned oxygen to your brain as well as every other part of your body. This keeps your brain healthy. In studies of men and women over 50, those who exercised regularly were able to recall and remember people, objects and events better than their non-exercising counterparts.

Exercise Defeats Depression and Anxiety

Once again, exercise shows an enormous nonphysical benefit. A depressed individual can make very bad life choices, even going as far as suicide. Isn’t it amazing then that simple exercise on a consistent basis has proven an effective treatment for depression and anxiety? In studies of older individuals (men and women over 50), regular physical activity has been directly linked to reduced episodes of anxiety, stress, and depression when compared to sedentary people the same age.

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As we age, we lose muscle mass. Over time, if we don’t maintain our muscle mass or add to it, we lose mobility. The good news is that it is never too late to begin a routine of healthy living. The body is an amazing instrument and it responds positively when it is given what it needs.


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