Looking for a Custom Home Builder? Here are 5 Tips For You

Custom home builders are those who build a house for their client according to their needs and specifications. It is a one-of-a-kind uniquely designed house. Every room including the kitchens, washrooms, lobby, entrance, the color, the designs and the look has been designed as told by the client to the builder.

Custom Home Builders
Custom Home Builders

The basic structure is designed by a professional architect-engineer. In most of the cases the house is built on a land which is owned by the home buyer. Sometimes the builders renovate the outer look of the house or the rooms inside.

The uniqueness of Custom Home Builders

Custom home builders have some major differences from the production home builders. They are-

  • Custom home builders build on land that is already owned.
  • They build homes which are unique for all of their clients depending upon their needs and preferences.
  • They build only single-family homes. They do not build flats or housing complexes.
  • They generally work on a very small volume basis focusing on only one project at a given time.
  • The average cost of these homes is higher than traditionally built homes.

Time and Cost involved Custom Homes

Custom Home Builders
Custom Home Builders

The time and the cost involved to build a custom home vary according to the size and complexity of details involved with Custom home builders. Generally, for unit floor house with 3 rooms including a kitchen and 2 washrooms, it takes around 16-18 months of time if everything goes as per plan. Also, there are a lot of decisions that need to be taken from the homebuyer’s part as it is built according to their choice. If these choices are not met in time the time to complete the project may extend.

5 Points to Think About Before Approaching a Custom Home Builder

  1. Consider your budget: The first thing is how much you are willing to spend on your dream house. Have a basic idea about the type materials you would like to use, number of rooms, kitchen style, balcony spacing and view. Also consider how much you would spend on interior decoration with custom home builders which include painting, furnishing and decorating on your dream house. So, taking the estimate from few construction companies can be helpful for you to make a decision as per your budget and requirements. But keep in mind that you need to invest a good amount to build up a dream house so, don’t compromise with the quality of the product to fit it to your budget.
  2. Keep Your Doubts Clear: If you have chosen your custom builder ask him questions like how many projects has were undertaken before. What are the client’s views? What is the time by which he should be able to complete the project? Also, tell about your priorities like you want to have a green kitchen or a sliding rooftop bedroom.
  3. Search online, Look for Testimonials: You can take online help in choosing your custom house builders. There are lots of online sites of custom house builders. Look into every detail of the builders like projects undertaken, reviews of previous clients etc.
  4. Evaluate quality and safety: You would like to choose a home builder who is willing to work on your budget, meet your building style preferences and at the same time ensuring safety and only buying materials of the best quality.
  5. Communication: Communication is an important factor. You would want to communicate your doubts and preferences to someone who takes note of everything. Communicating clear expectations from both parties are essential for completing the project successfully.

When you are involving so much time and money for living in your dream house you should choose your custom house builder precisely to turn your dreams into reality.


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