Maintenance Is Important: Simple Ways of Adding Value to Your Home


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Most homeowners don’t think that the maintenance of their property is important until the time to sell their house comes. A roof in disrepair or a beautiful backyard that is full of junk have the potential to seriously bring down the value of your home. However, you have the possibility to turn around if you add a couple of improvements and spruce up the remained of the house.

Converting the house into flats

In urban and suburban areas the demand for smaller housing units is at an all-time high. If you own a stately house, you can take advantage of this trend in the real estate market and partition your roomy house into several small flats.

In most cases, this alteration does not require walls to be erected or demolished, as you can convert individual rooms into separate housing units with toilets. This way, you will attract people who wish to invest in real estate and then rent the house to several tenants but first, they will pay you a premium for making the partitioning the house.

A loft(y) bedroom

Remember how we pointed out that the roof of the house needs special care? Well, this was for a good reason because you can turn the attic of your house into an extra bedroom. However, this conversion is only possible if there is no water damage in the attic of your house, which often occurs when there is a leak in the roof above.

People can never have enough extra room and an extra bedroom with an en suite bathroom is just what most prospective homeowners are looking for. Unlike turning individual rooms into separate flats, this conversion will cost you more but it will be well worth it once you see the final price your house sells for.

One room at a time

Whether you are partitioning the house, adding a loft bedroom or simply painting the walls in the house, the key to a successful renovation is to do one room at a time. This will allow you to manage tasks better and coordinate between different crews of workers that can work simultaneously. This tactic is especially useful if you wish to remodel the house in a short timespan.


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Planning is essential

Speaking of remodeling the house, we must stress the importance of starting off to a plan. Namely, if there is no order in your renovation, then all the maintenance you have put a great effort into will be in vain. The last thing you want is for carpenters to damage the walls of a freshly painted nursery, to state one example of a poorly executed renovation.

In this sense, it is completely legit to hire professionals who know their way around new home designs and could help you get the whole job done a lot quicker. You probably haven’t renovated many houses in your time so you’re unaware of all the snares of the whole process. On your part, you can help the builders and agents by keeping the house in a pristine state so there is no need for major interventions like replacing the entire roof or reinforcing the foundations.

One room

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Don’t neglect curb appeal

The most important part of the house in terms of its market value is arguably the structure’s façade and the front yard. This is the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up the driveway so make sure you dazzle them early on.

Start by planting a new lawn if the old one is starting to turn yellow. However, if you have maintained lawn properly, you will just have to pick up the trash or fallen leaves, thus saving hundreds of dollars. Then address the façade that should be freshly painted in a cheerful color and repair or replace the front door.

In order to really boost the curb appeal of your home, add some garden lights along the driveway and the pathways. If the latter are from gravel, be sure to refill the gravel that got scattered away. Planting flowers along the pathways is another useful method to beautify the front yard. Finally, add a nice plaque that has the house number, as attention to detail is a clear signal to buyers that the house was well maintained.


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Sprucing up the bathroom

The one room that you think is the most insignificant to redo is the bathroom. However, what you don’t know is that buyers appreciate a wee spruced up bathroom more than anything and for a good reason. This is the room where people get to relax and they want to do this in style. Equip the bathroom with features like a large vanity mirror with an LED strip wrapped around it and underfloor heating.

The more you spend on maintenance, the less money will you spend trying to remodel and spruce up the house for sale. It might seem like a waste of time now but when the time comes for the house to go up for sale, you’ll be thankful you went through the extra trouble.


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