Make your Protective Barriers Sturdy With Frameless Glass Balustrades

A shaft that may be molded into different shapes like square, parapet or other architectural shapes is referred to as a “Baluster”. The same structures when used in the making of furniture are then termed as “Spindle”.

There are several different materials that are commonly used in baluster construction, like stone or wood, along with a few which are used a little less frequently like ceramic or metal. A collection of balusters when they are used to hold up a handrail, anesthetic, architectural design, etc., is known as a “Balustrade”.

Characteristics Of Glass Balustrades

frameless glass balustrade

Advances in technology have allowed for balustrades to now be manufactured using several new and surprising elements, for example, glass. This brings out a lot of new benefits in these new types of balustrades including an increase in beauty, aesthetic and uniqueness.

Frameless Glass Balustrades are materials that make for a good protective barrier and/or for fencing. Tempered, Non-tempered, structural, etc., all different types of glass can all be used to make Frameless Glass Balustrades. Differently designed glass panes, be it solid or curved and even opaque, can all be the raw materials for the construction of these structures.

Different Uses Of Frameless Glass Balustrades

Balustrades, for safety purposes, can have railings constructed on them which can be made of different types of materials. Now, on the inside and outside of the staircases and even around them, frameless glass balustrades can be installed, which gives the impression that the whole staircase is kind of floating.

These types of balustrades can also be used to form a strong yet unique barrier around balconies, irrespective of the size of the balcony. This allows the view from these balconies to be completely unhindered, giving the impression that the balconies are much bigger than they actually are.

Swimming pools are places where you want to always be able to see the blue water but you also need to have some kind of protective barrier along its perimeter to prevent unsuspecting people, especially kids, from falling into the water. Frameless glass balustrades are the best bet for the material to be used for the manufacture of this type of barrier – Pool Fencing.

They provide all the safety features required of a Pool Fence but being transparent, none of the views of the sparkling water is blocked.

The Versatility Of These Balustrades

One of the most important factors for a material to be sought after by everyone is if the material is very versatile. As a result of their versatility, frameless glass balustrades find heavy use in different works of life, like they can be made from safety glass which uses thick tempered glass for its manufacture.

frameless glass balustrade

These balustrades are extremely sturdy and very hard to break. On the off chance that one of them still does break, it does not shatter into numerous small sharp glass shards. It breaks into only a few small pieces with the bigger pieces still retaining their shape. Thus they are used for construction in most public buildings where children have easy access.

The maintenance cost of these balustrades is also quite low. Glass is a material that does not fade over time and/or get tarnished. It also does not corrode like steel or other types of metals, or wood, etc. The maximum maintenance that they require is basic cleaning at regular intervals of time. Regular cleaning rids these glass balustrades of any kind of muck and grime that might turn out to be detrimental for other kinds of balustrades. This gives glass an extra edge over other balustrade construction materials.

Owing to its versatility and different favorable characteristics, these Frameless Glass Balustrades are widely used in architectural designs to make the structures both strong and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

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