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There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they look around their surroundings, both outside and in, and determine that it is time for a change.



Your old furniture isn’t what it used to be: Have you noticed that maybe an arm is coming loose or a crack is formed in the upholstery? Over time, many traditional furniture options, such as leather, bear the signs of age and abuse.



Getting started with your Decorative ideas old furniture rehab project doesn’t have to be difficult. You might have lots of ideas already and can’t decide which, The great part about rejuvenating your space is that you can start anywhere; there is no right answer. We do have a few guidelines to help you begin, and then you can let your creativity take you from there.



A key part of your planning is the decision on how to invest in your new makeover furniture. Have you transformed your spare room into a more useful space? What do you use it for?



Add Faux Wood

Contact paper can cover all manner of sins, including turning old furniture white or mimicking the look of real wood.

Make Metal More Attractive

A great design idea to use old metal tables may seem more suited for the patio than your living room, but anything’s possible with a makeover of your creativity.

In My Own Style

Brighten up Just because you love the look of pristine white furniture doesn’t mean you have to take hours of your life to paint it perfectly.

The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple Stylish and Budget-Friendly Woodworking Projects for Every Room

Create a Beautiful, Modern Home with One-of-a-Kind DIY Furniture
Beds, organizers, Adirondack chairs, a play table, and more! It’s easy to build inexpensive, quality furnishings with this indispensible collection of woodworking projects from Ana White, the popular blogger who has inspired millions of homemakers with her stylish furniture plans and DIY spirit. As a young mom on a tight budget, Ana learned to make her own well-designed pieces inspired by the styles in her favorite stores—saving thousands of dollars in the process.
Now, in this reference for woodworkers of all skill levels, Ana shares everything she has learned along the way.

Inside The Handbuilt Home you’ll find:

• Plans for 34 versatile furniture projects for every room in your house—from beginner-friendly home accessories to sturdy tables, a media center, kids’ items, and storage solutions
• Comprehensive information on using off-the-shelf lumber and basic equipment—almost every project can be made with a drill, a saw, and some hand tools
• Easy-to-follow instructions, costs, and time estimates to guide even the most amateur of carpenters through any project
You don’t need to be physically tough or superstrong to make your own furniture, and it’s okay if you don’t know that a 2×4 doesn’t actually measure 2 by 4 inches. All you need is the determination to create a better home for yourself or your family and the confidence to say, “I can build that.”

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