Making Your Own Anniversary Gift Ideas

P eople often use homemade crafts as gifts for birthdays, Christmas or other holidays. Quite often, however, they feel that anniversary presents must be purchased. Why not start making your own anniversary present? You can create something that will be more personalized for the recipients, as well as save money.


Making Your Own Anniversary Ideas
Making Your Own Anniversary Ideas

Think about the traditional and modern gifts which are given during your particular anniversary. Look at the list and try to incorporate that gift item into the homemade anniversary present. For instance, traditionally the first-anniversary gift is paper. Make a scrapbook of your first year together. If you’d prefer a more modern gift, create a one-of-a-kind clock using a picture of the two of you. Clock kits can be purchased at major craft stores.

Speaking of scrapbooks, even if you’re celebrating fifty years together (which is the golden anniversary) you can still make a scrapbook as an anniversary gift. During the year you can start putting aside special mementos. Did you and your partner go to a movie alone for the first time in years? Put those aside for the scrapbook.

Don’t forget to keep notes about special activities, things your partner did for you, things that were said that you wanted to remember or pictures from day-to-day life. All of these things will help you remember the good times.

What do you do if you have a partner who has ‘everything’? Make them something they don’t have. One idea is to create a group of vouchers which can be made into a booklet.

What are some things your partner would enjoy?

  •  How about a foot massage after a long, hard day at work? Who wouldn’t enjoy one of those?
  •  Do you enjoy cooking? Add a voucher for your partner’s favorite dessert.
  •  Does your partner really love a particular sport? Include a coupon to sit down with them for one day while they watch their favorite game. There’s nothing that says you can’t read or do a craft while the game is on; they probably only want you to be nearby.

Think of fun things you know your partner will enjoy even if they’re not things you would usually do. By creating a voucher or coupon book you’re giving your partner something you know they’ll appreciate and it may not cost you much at all except for the paper and ink to print it.

These same ideas for making your own anniversary presents can work whether you’re making something for your partner, your parents or someone else. Consider the person or persons you’re making the anniversary gift for. Then make something that suits their personalities and can be made with love. When you present the anniversary gift to the recipient, be sure to have it wrapped nicely.