About Materials Used Green Furniture

There is a huge range of furniture on the market today designed for many different purposes. Finding an item that suits you that is also kind to the environment is easy if you have a little knowledge about the different materials used in furniture making and the environmentally friendly options

Green Furniture

What is Green Furniture

The obvious question is: just what does it take for a piece of furniture to be considered green. A good approach is to begin by using wood that sustainably harvested.

5 Materials, Environmentally Friendly Furniture

Wood: With so many finishes there is some beautiful wood furniture available, however, to ensure you are purchasing green furniture make sure the wood is certified as having come from a sustainably managed forest. Another way to reduce the environmental impact of wood furniture is to choose products made from recycled timber.

Rapidly Renewable Materials: Materials that grow rapidly and renew themselves are becoming popular in green furniture. The use of bamboo in furniture is becoming more common as it is versatile and grows quickly. If bamboo does not suit your tastes look to see if the furniture you like uses rattan or straw-board. Cotton and wool can be used as rapidly renewable padding materials.

Steel & Aluminum: Although it takes a lot of energy to produce metal which causes carbon emissions, aluminum and steel can be recycled again and again reducing the overall environmental impact. When selecting green furniture check that any steel and aluminum components are made with a high percentage of recycled content.

Fabrics: The fabrics used in green furniture should be made using sustainable practices without toxic chemicals. Choosing natural fabrics and naturally dyed fabrics reduces the environmental impact of the furniture. You could also look out for upholstery materials made with recycled content which are now available.

Plastic: Make sure any plastic pieces of your furniture are made with recycled content and that it can be recycled at the end of its useful life. Since plastic is not biodegradable, it will end up in a rubbish dump if we do not find another use for it.

There are ways that you can do to purchase green furniture.

1. Get bamboo products

Bamboo is a fast growing grass that is widely used in manufacturing many things from materials of furniture. This is the type of grass that can grow very quickly and reproduce itself very easily.

2. Find the certified wood

If you are buying things that are made of wood material, you better find the FCS certified FCS certified wood is the type of wood that has been harvested with responsibility. The forests where the woods are harvested are the well-maintained forests that does not harm the ecosystems.

3. Buy the furniture that is made from recycled material

Recycled materials means that there are very few resources used in making the product. You can get any product that can be re-used because this is the same as saving the earth. By buying items that are made from recycled materials, you do not condemn anything to the landfills.

4. Buy second-hand products

By purchasing a second-hand product, you can also contribute in saving the earth because the used products are not easily thrown away.


This is the easiest way that you can do. You do not need to spend more money to buy the replacement item, You can even have it from generation to generation. This is a very recommended way to start a green lifestyle, doing so with an environmental saving approach can only enhance the experience even more.

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