You Meditation Helps to Reduce Stress?

Stress is one of the leading factors, which leads to health and mental problems. In your life, the economy, your job, family, finances, and even your health can cause one to have stress.




Most people try to mask their stress by drinking alcohol, doing drugs or letting loose. However, just like stress these bad habits can lead to their own set of health and non-health related problems.

One very effective technique that a lot of people use to help control their stress levels is Meditation.

Sit back for a minute, close your eyes, and picture a special place. Breathe in and out slowly and relax. Whenever you have just 10 minutes of free time, you can lower your level of anxiety, reduce stress and enjoy a much more relaxed state of being. This relaxation technique will allow your mind to rest from the hustle and bustle of life, and it also improves your cardiovascular health

The Reduce Response meditation helps to reduce stress by slowing down your breathing, blood pressure, metabolism and pulse rate. You sit quietly with your eyes closed in a quiet environment for 10 to 20 minutes. Visualize your muscles relaxing, beginning at your feet and moving up through the top of your head. You silently repeat a word or phrase, or have a particular sound repeated, that triggers a relaxing response in your body.

By continually training your mind to deliver this sense of calm and peacefulness when a particular word is repeated, you can easily access this stress-relieving tactic anytime and anywhere. Develop a phrase or word which has special meaning to you, or one that sounds relaxing, such as “peace” or “restful”.

Practice twice a day for 3 to 4 weeks and you will find it easier and easier to drain the stress and anxiousness out of your hectic lifestyle, the main idea here is to let your body unwind. Let your mind clear itself for just a few moments. Let the stress be pulled from your soul and you will feel better.

When you are first training yourself to benefit from meditation and the Relaxation Response, understand that this takes time. It takes multiple repetitions before this becomes an automatic behavior. You should also wait at least 2 hours after eating a meal before trying this process, as your digestive system can interfere with your success.

We’re born with the stress response and it’s a natural way of life. Accept it. Learn how Meditation Helps to Reduce Stress manage it, and how to cope with it. Search for the answers that make you feel comfortable and then



Michelle Stewart, author of Declutter Your Life, draws on her professional and personal experiences to craft an easy-to-follow book on reducing clutter in all aspects of your life. 


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