Mix and Match With Decorative Pillows in Your Living Room

H appy August! A few weeks ago when I talk about living space to a happy home. The bright and cheery one! If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more color into your living space, the decorative pillows were the perfect touch!



All of the fun colors bring a smile to face every time walk into the room. I favor a slow approach to decorating, taking the time to find the perfect pieces and making little changes so a room grows along with, reflecting room changing are cheerful.



Decorative pillows, they add just enough color and without competing with any of the elements in the space… which comes in different color, including one with two shades – If you need to refresh a room but don’t have a lot to spend, throw pillows are like an instant facelift to any space.



The right set of decorative pillows can completely transform your any room. and liven up your entire home with this simple!!! Arranging a few accent pillows around your living room or bedroom is a simple way to add a bold decor element that can also be easily changed – out throw pillow covers!


What style of decorative pillows works best for my house?

Once you added your pillows, don’t forget to look at the textiles already present in your home – It’s often fun to have a variety of contrasting – Let’s check them out!!!

Simple Geometric Style

One same color scheme

In this “recipe,” you pick two colors and select pillows within that color scheme but with patterns that vary. In this mixture, to change up the scale of the different pattern pillows all lined up on a couch – Your just loved the look of the same color scheme?


Climbing Cat Decorative

One graphic and whites 

All the pillows had a white background with a brightly colored pattern as the overlay because you liked the graphic. A great way to the room for subtly achieve that look because the prints are the same scale, but the colors vary – making mixing effortlessly!


Cortesi Home Oppy

One lead pattern

like the others were one where you choose a lead fabric and coordinate the colors of other pillows to match. The example; Started with the center floral pillow as you lead and chose the outer pillows based on that yellow/aqua/gray combination. The lead pillow pulls everything together for a nice, polished look.


Decorative pillows are just so many options! It’s the variety of shapes, materials, colors, types, and designs, for mixing and matching pillows that you really loved in your home – Think about the decor you already have in place, then draw your inspiration from it!

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