Natural Home Remedies you can try for Toothache


Cavities or a cracked tooth can be quite painful and if you do not visit a dentist soon then it can cause more problems for you. You can try some home remedies which can help in minimizing the pain. By using the help of traditional methods these remedies have been quite effective over the years. If you want to use these remedies then you need to make sure to get the right ingredients and apply them as mentioned below. You can also find many other remedies but these are all-natural and you won’t face any issues when you use these remedies.

  1. Use Clove Oil on the tooth

Cloves are one of the best natural toothache remedies that you can try. It has the power to reduce the pain in your nerves by numbing them. This is due to the eugenol compound found in cloves which has anesthetic features. You need to be careful when you use clove oil as it might cause pain if you directly pour it on the aching tissue. By using a cotton swab you can use a few drops of the oil and apply it over your tooth.

  1. Swish salt water for few seconds

Saltwater is quite effective for reducing pain in your tooth. Everyone has salt in their house, all you need to do is mix it in medium hot water. Now you can swish the water in your mouth for about 30 minutes. It will help in cleaning out the fluids which might cause swelling near your teeth. You can try these methods as much as you want until you get relief from your pain.

  1. Drink Peppermint tea

Drinking tea has its own benefits if you minimize the use of sugar. Peppermint has a soothing flavor which can calm down your nerves. If you want to heal dental cavities naturally then you can drink peppermint tea which has soothing flavor. It can numb down the pain in your teeth. When you make tea you can put 1 tbsp of dried peppermint to the boiling water. Make sure to keep the water boiling for atleast 20 minutes so that it mixes completely. You need to swish the tea in your mouth after it cools down.

  1. Use Ice on the area it pains

You might have definitely used ice on swelling areas and if you want then you can also use this method for your tooth. If you want to get rid of cavities naturally then you need to follow some hygiene schedule regularly. For the people feeling immense pain in their teeth, you can take an ice cube and then apply it over the aching tooth. It will send a cold signal to your brain which will minimize the pain. This is an effective way to reduce your pain but make sure to use ice for only a bit of time. You can also wrap the ice cube in a cloth and then massage it over your skin.

  1. Change your toothbrush to soft bristles

Everyone person has heard from their parents to brush properly but most people just do it out of habit afterward. If you want to heal dental cavities naturally then you need to brush atleast twice a day. When your tooth starts to ache then it might be due to various issues and swollen gums will cause more pain. You cannot brush with your regular toothbrush as it has hard bristles. You need to use the brush which has soft bristles to ensure it does not cause any pain in the tooth. It won’t damage your gum tissue and you can visit your dentist to get rid of the issue.

  1. Apply pressure over the area where it pains

In order to get rid of cavities naturally, you need to use certain methods and brush regularly. You can also try another method to reduce the pain in your teeth. By applying pressure on the center of your thumb and index finger for about two minutes you can minimize the pain. It is an effective acupuncture technique which helps in releasing endorphins. This will release hormones which will take away all your pains. Women who are pregnant should avoid using this method.



So make sure that you try these things in order to get rid of your pain. Sometimes you might try using some medicine which might provide you instant relief but it might also cause some reactions. You need to make sure that you get rid of your pain safely. That is why you should implement these remedies. You can get all of these items from your nearby stores and some of them might even be in your house. Just follow all the steps properly and reduce the pain in your tooth until you visit your dentist.


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