Need More for Small Spaces? Look Under the Stairs

Under the Stairs, Taking advantage of all your usable space is important, especially if your home is not large.


Under the Stairs


Using the stairs as a storage space is not something that is new. Space under the stairs is perfect for those who have limited storage space. Whether you need the extra storage space for displaying items or for storing extra things, using the space under your stairs is the best way to your space.


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Utilize any unused space. To free up space in your home and leave you free from clutter. If you’re under the stairs are easily accessible to a kitchen, you can create cabinets for storage it to store appliances that are not used daily or additional dishes you use for the holidays.


under the stairs


What to Do With Space under the stairs

Under the stairs, usually, this place is made into storage for brooms and other cleaning materials. But you can make it look more… Transform for the kid into a for study area nicely bookshelf or for reading magazines, journals, albums, umbrellas, framed pictures, for anyone. Can be built under stairs, Here is below a few tips for home decorating make space under the stairs it more useful.


under the stairs


A Library

If you have a fairly large space and lots of books and magazines, how about setting up a mini-library? Line the walls under the stairs with shelves – adjustable ones are a good idea, allowing you to vary and alter the spacing to store all sizes of books and magazines.

Use recessed lights or angled floor lamps to illuminate the books as well as to provide reading light.

A Study area or home office

Utilize space transforms it into a study area or home office. A compact home office, Install a desk or fitted work surface with rollout filing cabinets or a stack of baskets underneath. Add a swivel chair on castors.

Multipurpose office machines, such as a combination phone, fax, and answering machine, fit into some small spaces.

A Playhouse

If your child needs a little place to play. You can place a child’s size table and chairs, a toy box, and more. You can also add shelves to provide storage for toys.

Children would love about playing in a small playroom. Of you under stair space by putting  

A Cabinet Storage

If you have more than one person in the house. You need the extra storage space so that everyone can put away before they go upstairs. You can design the storage space to fit any way you like it. There are open shelves, closed shelves, and drawers that can open to give you as much space as you need.

A Telephone Corner

Private telephone area under the stairs. All you need is a phone and phone jack, a comfortable chair, and a telephone table – use one with a shelf or drawer underneath for message pads, pens, and telephone books.

You can also decorate the area with your favorite collectibles. With shelves are ideal for displaying collections of attractive objects, You can add some small task lights to highlight the displayed objects.  The shelves can either be custom-made or you can buy ready-made stackable units available in any Home Improvement store.

A word of caution: Under stairs, it might be an inviting place for small children to play hide and seek…