Organic Gardening Supplies

Basic tools of Gardening

Choose from a wide variety of Organic Gardening Supplies. Seed starting, pesticides and fertilizers have been tested, certified and proven safe for gardening and the environment.


Gardening Supplies


Once you have decided to start growing your own organic home garden, the next important step is to make sure you have all the supplies you need to start. Here is a list of garden tools that prove useful for other gardeners, and can help further the growth of your successful organic garden.


Gardening supplies for all Organic Gardens:

  • Soil: Having the right soil for your garden is essential for your garden’s success. Remember, if you’re buying soil, make sure it hasn’t been treated with pesticides or fertilizers!
  • Compost: Compost is a must for every organic garden. Compost feeds plants, helps conserve water, cuts down on weeds, and is easy to make yourself.
  • Seeds/Seedlings: It’s not a garden without the plants! Make sure you pick plants that will grow successfully in your climate/area.
  • Water: No plant can live without water. If your plants are inside, make sure you always have a watering can at hand; it’s perfect for distributing water evenly and gently. If you’re outside, a simple garden hose will do.

Gardening supplies for small Organic Gardens:

  • Trowel: A trowel is a good tool to have, especially for planting in small containers. A trowel is a tool with a pointed, more flattened blade and it can also be used for digging and setting plants.
  • Soil Scoop: A soil scoop is an ideal tool to have for a small garden. Unlike a trowel, the soil scoop acts as a round-edged addition to your hand which helps reduce stress on your wrist that can happen when gardening.  The soil scoop can be used to plant, cut, dig, or transfer soil.
  • Garden Knife: Since you’re planting an organic garden, the garden knife is perfect for getting rid of weeds without using harmful herbicides.

Gardening supplies for large Organic Gardens:

  • Garden Fork: Soil is the most important aspect of organic gardens, and the garden fork is your soils best friend. The garden fork is perfect for turning the soil, ventilation and mixing vitamins and nutrients throughout the soil.
  • Garden Hoe: Just like the garden fork is the soil’s best friend, the garden hoe is the weed’s worst enemy. Herbicides, which are chemicals also used to get rid of weeds, are harmful to both you and your plants. The garden hoe is just as effective as harmful chemicals and gets rid of pesky weeds fast. Some gardeners own several different types of hoes for the different types of tasks in the garden, such as weeding, cleaning up between crop rows or even creating seed furrows.
  • Garden Spade: A garden spade does many things that the garden fork does, like digging and turning the soil. Because of its straight blade, the garden spade is also a helpful edging tool.
  • Pruners: Sometimes plants can grow bigger than you had expected, or sometimes they just need a little trimming. If you invest in a good pruning tool, like trimmers, you’ll have your garden looking in tip-top shape!
  • Garden Rake: If you’re new to gardening, or expanding your garden, you’ll need a garden rake. The garden rake can be used for clearing and be leveling your soil to make a clean plot of land for your plants.

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