Organize Your Creative Hobby Space


Chances are if you are a creative sort, your creative space is a mess. It seems that most creative individuals work best under direct chaos and absolute clutter. Well, there is a light at the end of the clutter tunnel. Even if you detest cleaning up and being organized, there are some simple tips and creative ways to organize your creative space.

Organize Your Creative Hobby Space
Organize Your Creative Hobby Space

If you are like most creative individuals, the last thing you want to see is a tidy row of pens, markers, pencils, and materials all lined up and easy to reach. However, you can organize your creative space and do it, well, creatively.

First, be sure to choose a space that enhances your creativity and does not decrease it. A space that has a window with a view is optimal for creativity. Even if it is just a corner of a bedroom, placing a desk or sewing machine under that window can work wonders for your creative outlet.

Having done all this, you could go out and buy plastic containers with little drawers. But, there is not much creativity involved in that.

Instead, take some time to shop the flea markets and garage sales. Pick up some items such as miniature flowerpots, woven baskets, and last but not least some glass jars. All of these items are useful for storing office supply items such as staples, paper clips, and business cards. Even better, they are useful for storing fabric swatches, and old buttons, and ribbons look so pretty in those glass jars.

In this way, you are organizing your space but doing so creatively.

Contemplate categories: The key to organizing your craft space, in my experience, is to store everything in categories that make sense to you. Think of your favorite craft store. How do they organize their products? Perhaps you can replicate that category system in your own home.

Sort everything: Once you’ve decided on your categories, start sorting your supplies into those categories. You may end up modifying your categories a little, and that’s okay.

Your wall space: by putting up a bulletin board to store business cards, ideas, and notes to yourself. Make sure that you decorate it according to your hobby or craft. If you use lots of ribbon and buttons in your crafts, incorporate those in your bulletin board.

Most importantly, however, is to declutter your space. While creativity flows in chaos at times, it is also okay to get rid of some of that clutter and chaos. It you have not used it in three months, then toss it. Once you open up your space by getting rid of clutter, you will be amazed and surprised as to how your creativity will open up.

When you have organized your creative space and done it in a creative way, it will not feel stuffy and boring; it will feel rejuvenating and fresh. Your new space will be a place for creativity rather than frustration.

Creating an organized and creative space for your hobby or craft will open up new pathways of creativity for that hobby or craft. Your juices will flow and your joy will increase.

Half the joy in having a hobby or creating a craft is for you, and the other half is sharing that joy with others. Why not start with organizing your hobby or craft space.


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