Organized Gardening

Creating a gardening to-do list is the perfect way to minimize wasted time. Your list might include monthly projects such as preparing for winter, creating a compost system or removing unwanted plants.

Organized Gardening
Organized Gardening

The time spent creating the to-do list will definitely pay off as the year unfolds. Most gardeners want to keep their garden and their landscaping in tip-top shape. The best way to do this is by monitoring and preparing for each change of seasons.

In the spring, months you will want to add cutting back ornamental grasses and pruning trees to your to-do list. Removing dead branches and fertilizing your plants for the coming summer is the best way to ensure that you will have healthy foliage. During this time you can also visit your local garden center to stock up on gardening supplies.
Gather the necessary seeds and plants for your summer garden. Remove any dead or damaged plants that have not fared well during the winter season. Make a note of the variety of these plants so that you don’t waste time or money on them in the future. Also on your to-do list during the spring is killing weeds. Pulling or spraying weedy areas will help encourage new lawn growth and discourage those weeds. Spring is the best time to clear your lawn of weeds and unwanted invasive plants.

The summer to-do list is mainly maintenance. During this heavy growing season, lawn care and pruning are always on the list. You will want to seed the areas of your lawn that are not growing well. Fertilize and water the newly seeded areas for maximum growth during the warm months.
Planting your vegetable garden is normally a summer item, as well. To encourage the growth of new plants, you can aerate and seed as needed during the summer. Composting is beneficial during the summer months and provides excellent fertilizer for your vegetable garden.

The fall to-do list is all about getting ready for the cold season ahead. Remove unwanted plants and maintain your compost system. Begin to remove all of the summer yard ornaments like picnic tables and kiddie pools.
These should be cleared from your lawn to protect it during the winter months. Fall vegetables can be planted and one more good fertilization effort is needed for your lawn.

During the winter, your to-do list will be much shorter. You can trim your lawn closely one more time before the snow falls and then put away the lawn tools. Maintaining your mower is perfect for the winter list of chores because you won’t need it until spring. If you keep up on your gardening to-do lists, you will receive much more enjoyment from your garden when spring arrives.



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