Pet Tarantula Facts

Tarantulas have become very popular as pets. Many people would think because tarantulas are spiders that have been taken from the wild then they are dangerous?

About Tarantulas
Photo By: William Warby

This is far from true for over the past decades tarantulas have posed no threat to humans but rather humans are more likely to harm tarantulas. This is a very true statement for tarantulas need proper care when they are being handled, they need a good diet as well as a good habitat.

The aim of this article is to provide some of the pet tarantulae secretes that people need to know when they decide to get a tarantula as a pet.

The first pet tarantula secret is in the handling of tarantulas.

Always be cautious when handling a tarantula. Tarantulas are very fast creatures so it can be very hard to catch them. The best way to pick this spider up will be by using a small cylindrical container. You gently toss the spider into the container once it is in this container you can then turn over the container so the spider slips into your hands.

Once in your hands, you must watch the movement of your spider if it is moving around it is necessary to keep changing hands so that your spider does not fall to the ground. Do not allow your tarantula to move around your body as there are high chances that you may end up squeezing your spider accidentally such that it may sting you. If however you are stung by your spider, apply some methylated spirit as an antiseptic and do not scratch the area. If you react to the bite always make sure you consult your doctor to determine any allergies.

The next secret on pet tarantulas is in the habitat.

The secret on pet tarantulas is in the habitat. The habitat you choose for your tarantula to stay in must provide the following; safety, warmth and enough room for the spider. A good cage to keep your tarantula in is one that is similar to a fish tank, but in this case, it should have a lid to prevent the spider from escaping. You can then put a mat on the base of the tank so that it provides some form of warmth for the spider. You can then put in the tank a small tree branch that is hollow at the middle so as to give the spider a refuge area. You can also put a bit of soil at the bottom of the tank the idea will be trying to create a natural habitat for your pet tarantula.

The last secret on pet tarantulas is in their food.

Tarantulas are not too demanding in terms of food. Tarantulas can be fed on insects such as crickets and small grasshoppers. In a week, a tarantula will require only two small grasshoppers. If you give your tarantula more food than it requires you will find that you might keep seeing the food in the tank for several weeks.

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You can also provide some water in a small petri dish. Tarantulas might not drink some of the water you give to them this is because they get enough of it from the prey they eat.

With these secrets, you will be able to look after your pet tarantula with care.