Popular Stairs Design For An Appealing House Interior 

Stairs are one of the significant elements of the house interior. There are diverse types of stairs in the market with their own unique appeal and advantages. Selecting the right staircase for the house does not only help to enhance the value of the house. At the same time, it also enables you to set an impressive house décor. The stairs design plays a vital role in this regard.  It is worth mentioning that the stairs design depends on the available space of the property, budget, the building rules and regulation and such other factors.

Stairs Design
Stairs Design

While choosing the design of the stairs to have a discussion with an expert is vital to get an in-depth knowledge of these factors. Apart from this to attain the best stairs design, avoid completing the selection process in a rush. You can select your favorite one for your dream house project after you read this.

Scroll through this trendy stairs design 

If you are looking for stairs design that can match your taste simply scroll through the article. A few top designs of staircases are added to help you with your selection process:

#1. The affordable- Straight Stairs:

In the construction industry, straight staircase design is prevalently used, and it is cost-effective as well. This design of stairs can simply require top and bottom attachment, it does not require any additional support. The stairs design is safe also as it enables hassle-free installation of railings and handrails. You can choose the diverse type of straight stairs design like encompassing open risers, modern materials and metal cable railings matching the requirement of your interior. The interior design of the floor is maximized, and the minimum area of the building is devoted to these stairs. When you decide to opt for straight stairs remind that these types of stairs engulf a large amount of linear space, which can really affect your design.

Stairs Design
Stairs Design

#2. Craft an appealing look with L-shaped stairs 

Apart from offering an aesthetically appealing look, L-shaped stairs are prevalent for consuming lesser space. These stairs are perfect for use in the corners. Navigation in the stairs is easy due to its wider landing which splits up the flight of stairs. In general L- shaped stairs design is a straight staircase with a turn in the middle of one of its ends. The limitation of this design is that it requires support for landing and the turn and construction of the stairs are also expensive. You also have to be a bit careful and make it child’s friendly.

#3. Floating Staircase with a contemporary look 

The floating Staircase design consists of treads with no risers. It is more like a variation of the straight staircase design and here the treads themselves are attached to the wall where the support is invisible or have minimal visibility.  To attain the floating appearance glass or plexiglass risers are used to achieve a floating appearance but wood metal or stone are also used to craft a contemporary look. The safety glass can be used for the handrails, but this stairs design must meet rules and regulations set for building in the respective are of the construction.

#4. Storage Staircase for add on space for stashing necessities 

Modern households are equipped with a lot of things and sometimes the requirement for additional space arises. In such house storage, stairs design can be a perfect choice. Here in this design overlooked area underneath the stairs can be turned into valuable space by building cabinets rather than walling off the space. Also, drawers can be built in the space to use the space fully.

Apart from the aforementioned designs, there are other prevalent stairs designs like Circular Stairs, Curved Stairs, Ladder Stairs, Split Staircase are few common designs. Prior to select any style it is available to set the budget and do a space assessment to avoid any last-minute chaos.

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